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12 Eco-friendly Birthday Gift Ideas To Add To Your Wish List

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If your birthday is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your wish list. This year, consider giving back as part of your celebration. Create a birthday wish list with a few eco-friendly items.

Here are some sustainable ideas to get you started:

Green gift ideas for eco-friendly self-care

1. Shampoo bars

Reduce plastic waste by switching to shampoo bars instead of plastic containers. You’ll feel extra wonderful as you soak in the tub because of your new sustainable birthday gift choice.

2. Bamboo materials

Bamboo is a renewable and versatile material. It also feels luxurious. Add bamboo towels, robes, or sheets to your birthday wish list.

3. Reusable drink containers

Sipping your morning cup of coffee is the ultimate luxury, but throwing away dozens of disposable coffee mugs isn’t earth-friendly. Choose a reusable water bottle or coffee mug for a gift option this year.

Sustainable wish list ideas for the kids

4. Eco-friendly toys 

There are several companies that use eco-friendly products such as wood for child’s toys and games. We promise your kids won’t know the difference.

5. Experiences

Add experiences to your child’s wish list. Consider a sporting event or a baking class instead of toys that produce waste. These experiences are also wonderful memories you can create as a family.

6. Books instead of cards 

Many early childhood experts will tell you that it’s important to read to your child. Foster literacy while also reducing waste. Ask your child’s birthday guests to bring books instead of cards. The message written inside a book cover will last forever.

Chef-inspired eco-friendly birthday gifts

7. Indoor herb garden

Grocery stores package herbs in plastic containers, but it’s easy to grow your own at home. There are plenty of product options you can add to your sustainable birthday wish list.

8. Eco-friendly food storage 

Disposable plastic bags and cling wrap have a bad reputation for contributing to waste. There are eco-friendly options, such as reusable storage bags and beeswax wraps to keep food fresh. They’re pricier, which makes them perfect for your wish list.

9. Sustainable food subscriptions 

Many companies provide ethical and sustainable goods, such as coffee and wine, in monthly subscription packages. The packaging is also usually biodegradable.

Earth-friendly fashion finds 

10. Recycled sunglasses

Sunglasses are an amazing fashion accessory, but recycled sunglasses are even better. Add a new pair of recycled shades to your wish list for a sustainable birthday.

11. Ethical jewelry

For your birthday wish list, consider jewelry made with recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones. You can look beautiful and help keep the earth beautiful, too.

12. Eco-friendly watches

Add a watch made from natural stone and original wood to your birthday wish list. This sustainable accessory will help you keep time and preserve the earth.

If you’re ready to get started on your eco-friendly birthday wish list, make an account with Giftster. It’s a free, private gift registry, so you can share your sustainable gift requests with others and give them an opportunity to do the same too.

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