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Nerf Course Ideas for Birthday Parties

How to Design the Ultimate Nerf Battlefield for the Best Birthday Party

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For a fun, active birthday party for kids of all ages, you need look no further than a staged nerf gun battle.

Read below for the best way to set up the ultimate nerf war course for a memorable birthday party.

Make sure to plan a layout with specific “zones”

First things first, determine where you can set up your “Arena”. You might plan to utilize an entire backyard or just the kitchen and/or living room, or perhaps allow the course to sprawl across both the indoors and outdoors. 

In addition to an Arena, you’ll also want a “Base Camp” or “Safety Zone” where those who are taking a break or not participating in the fight to stay out of the line of fire. You might even have a “Staging Zone” for picking out weapons and “armor” before entering the arena.

Make sure that boundaries are clearly marked with balloons, colored tape, or streamers. If you are designating teams, choosing one color for each team as well as a color to designate as neutral.

For the layout, aim to provide points over cover with gaps in between

The key to setting up a great course is to find a balance between cover and open space. You want the layout to require players to dash between covers to provide opportunities for the other team to take aim as they advance.

Sofa cushions, indoor or outdoor furniture covered with tarps or blankets, and folding tables make for great cover for yards, bedrooms and hallways alike. Just make sure that anything breakable has been moved to an “out of play” area elsewhere in the house. 

Consider setting up the staging sone with a “choose your weapon” table

Guests can be encouraged to bring their own weapon or you might have a table set up specifically for reloading or swapping out nerf guns. (Pro tip: lots of spare universal bullets always come in handy!) 

If you are handing out small nerf guns as party favors or as prizes for winning rounds, you might designate an adult to man this station and assist the little ones. Creating a “weapons dealer” character and costume can also add to the fun.

If you’re planning on providing some cool new nerf guns as birthday presents, designating the battle to begin after opening presents makes for perfect timing.

Make sure that the rules of engagement and mission objectives clear

To ensure that fun is had by all, a poster above the Weapons Station can outline the rules of fair play in a fun, effective manner. You might add suggestions for safety such as no aiming for the head or face, respecting players who have “surrendered”, and any off limits zones.

If you are planning to stage a game of capture the flag, battle royal, absolute free for all, or a variety of different games, this is a great place to display the schedule as well as an outline for the mission objective and how to “win” the game. 

Remember, it’s all for fun and the best birthday ever!

With proper planning, an elaborate nerf war can make for a memorable and fun-filled birthday party. Having a schedule, designating zones, and clearly outlining the rules are all ways that you can plan to have the best nerf gun birthday party ever.

Happy gifting!

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