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Kids birthday parties: Is a birthday wish list rude?

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Kids’ birthday registries can feel like a tense, tightrope walk. Are they helpful, or do they give off the impression that you’re expecting gifts for your child? We’ve compiled common questions and answers about kids’ birthday registries, so you can strike the perfect balance.

How do I let guests know about my child’s birthday registry?

Including a registry on an invitation isn’t typical for birthdays. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can help other kids and parents find the perfect present for your child. Here are some tricks to try:

  • Ask for an RSVP, and give your contact information. There’s a good chance a mom or dad will contact you for present ideas, and you can share the birthday registry or suggestions.
  • Include the birthday party theme on the invitation. If your daughter is having a unicorn birthday party, you’ve already given a huge hint about the type of presents she’d probably like.
  • Have a registry ready to share. When someone reaches out to you for present ideas, have a birthday registry link prepared to offer them.

Do I need to justify why my child has a birthday wish list?

If someone asks for a gift idea, you can send them a link to an online registry. You don’t have to explain why you have one. But you might want to have a polite explanation ready, to explain the benefits of a birthday registry. 

  • Birthday registries help prevent duplicate gifts. Share that your son loves superheroes and baseball, and you have a registry so he doesn’t receive too many of the same gift.
  • Your child helped you create a list of ideas. If a parent or other child asks what the birthday boy or girl likes, you can share the birthday registry as a list of his or her favorite items.
  • A birthday registry reduces gift giving anxiety. You can share your child’s interests and hobbies, and offer the registry as an optional resource if someone wants more specific gift ideas.

How do I create a tactful birthday registry?

You might still feel like it’s a little rude to create a list of items guests can purchase for your child. Here are some tips for creating a birthday registry that’s more inclusive.

Include gifts in a wide range of price points. Let the guests choose how much they want to spend, by including several gifts in the $5 to $25 range.

Add general suggestions for present ideas. Share clothing sizes, hobbies and interests, allergies, and gifts to avoid (such as anything with glitter or items with small pieces).

Offer suggestions for gifts that don’t cost anything. Does your child like playdates at the park? Drawings from his or her friends? Kid-friendly recipes to try? These are excellent ideas to share.

Consider starting a wish list sharing group A what? The most tactful way to share a list of things your child(ren) and family needs with others is to create a wish list sharing group. Setup your private group with family and loved ones so you see each other’s wish lists anytime. Nobody has to feel rude or selfish sharing their registry when everyone in your group has a list too. It’s a win-win for everyone. More surprises and less awkward conversations.

Now put your gifting anxiety behind you and get back to enjoying birthday parties…

Happy gifting!

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