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What’s a Good Gift for a Friend Going Through a Divorce?

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Very little about divorce is easy. If you or a friend is going through a separation, you may not even know how to help or what to ask for.

This guide from the gift experts at makes everything a little simpler. Here are thoughtful gifts for a friend going through a divorce and tips for creating a divorce gift registry.

Gifts for Comfort and Self-Care

Divorce is difficult, and it’s possible friends going through a divorce will neglect to take good care of themselves.

Gifts that help your friend relax and take care of their basic needs can help them through this stressful time. A few ideas include pre-cooked meals or a gift subscription to a meal kit service, a gym pass, or a voucher for a spa service or massage.

You can also put together a self-care or stress-relief care package for a friend who is going through a divorce. It could include luxurious creams, comfort foods, a book or journal, and stress balls or fidget toys.

Gifts for Starting Over

During a marriage, a couple creates a life together. With divorce comes the need to define themselves as individuals again. A recently divorced friend may also need to create a new living space.

You can help your friend start over by gifting them household essentials, like new bedsheets or bath towels, small kitchen appliances like a toaster or coffee maker, or a houseplant.

Ultimately, one of the best gifts might be your time. Offer to help paint walls, hang curtains, box or unbox items during a move, or shop for home essentials with them. They’ll appreciate the assistance as they redefine themselves and their space.

Gifts for Laughing and Having Fun

Since divorce is typically unpleasant, even when it’s “amicable,” don’t forget to gift your friend some opportunities to have a good time.

Enjoy a day out participating in your friend’s favorite activities. Go wine tasting, visit a lake to go fishing, hit a round of golf, get mani-pedis together, go on a long walk or hike, try ax throwing, see a movie together in theaters, or enjoy a nice meal.

You might even consider throwing your friend a divorce party, with themes like “I Don’t” or “Jail Break.” (Just make sure it’s tactful and about your friend, not their ex.)

Creating a Divorce Gift Registry

If you’re going through a divorce, you’ll have plenty of friends and family who want to help you get back on your feet. Creating a divorce gift registry puts all of the essentials you need in one place so friends and family know exactly what will help the most.

With a free online registry like, it’s easy to create a divorce registry. You can list items from any store or website, and users can mark them when they’re purchased. Plus, you can share it easily with anyone who asks. Giftster is a personal registry for every season of your life.

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