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Top 3 questions asked by new Giftster members

How do I join my family's Giftster group to view and share wish lists?

If you got an invitation to join a group, just use that link to sign in and see the group.

If you were told the group is started, just click on member search and find the name of someone in the group, then request to join their group. (This sends a request to the group creator to approve you, once they do, you'll get an email letting you know and you will see the group and all the shared lists in your Giftster account.)

If you are the one starting the group, sign up, and on my groups select add a new group, give it a name like Smith Family, then in the invite box start listing the names and email addresses of those you wish to invite to join your group, and press Save.

Can the list maker see the purchase status of items on their own list?

No, that wouldn't be any fun.

How should I make lists for my young kids

See this help page on how lists work and how to best create them for kids or non-computer folks.

What's new - October 2013 release

Too much to list here. Just start using Giftster and change the way you give and get gifts forever!

What's new - September 2012 release

Giftster is now even more giftsterrific! Introducing the fall 2012 edition. It might not be quite perfect yet, but we think it is close. Learn more…

Apple introduced the iphone 5 Sept 12th, and we introduced the fall 2012 release of the same day! What a coincidence. New features you see on the web today are now on the iOS app too, and on for Android and other smartphones. Try out these new features here on the website right now!:

  • New! A permanent gift profile to share your size, color, culture and other gift preferences. You can choose to share it only with your family and friend groups, or mark it public so anyone visiting giftster can find it by searching for your name.

  • New! Choose to share a list with anyone who visits and searches for your name. Post a “public” list for more casual acquaintances that might have an only occasional or one time need to get your wish list ideas and preferences. Now giftster serves your family gift exchanges as well as baby shower, birthday and wedding registries
  • New! Enhanced member search so you can find giftster members by name or email address (previously you searched for group names). Instantly find a member’s public gift profile, public lists, and request membership to groups they belong to.
  • New! See someone’s list that needs their attention to update items on it? Click the “reminder” email link at the bottom of their list to instantly send them a reminder email, anonymously for intrigue or you can choose to add your name.
  • New! Don’t want to know who reserved the iPad on dad’s wish list? Then don’t click on the new “reveal” feature that hides the name unless you really want to know it.
  • New! Major overhaul of my shopping list…now it is your headquarters for what you plan to purchase- what you marked “reserved”- and what you finished purchasing- marked “purchased”. The purchased category remembers your purchases even if the list owner deletes the item after the gift giving occasion has passed so you have a permanent gift giving history. In addition, you can change the item status right on my shopping list page and the item will move to the appropriate list, and you can print out a nicely formatted list if you still like paper.
  • Birthday list reminders – don’t forget - enter your birthday when you sign up, or on the settings page, and Giftster will remind you and your group about your upcoming birthday when the time comes.

  • What's new - Fall 2011 Release

    We've made about 30 changes to Giftster, all designed to make your Giftster experience even better. Including ideas from your input on our user surveys. Here are a few:

  • Just added Nov 30th! New print link when viewing other's lists, you can print out a full detail list.

  • Improved groups page to help you create and manage your groups at a glance, including ability to resend an invitation
  • New News Feed page, which informs you on activity happening with members of your groups and their lists
  • Option to set your list to "private" so only you can see it, for lists you don't want others to see.
  • New help pop up that doesn't require a new window - works better, especially on tablets and mobile. Giftster looks and works especially nice on an Apple iPad
  • Facebook Connect updated to use the latest Facebook features on the web
  • Birthday list reminders - enter your birthday when you sign up, or on the settings page, and Giftster will remind you and your group about your upcoming birthday when the time comes.

  • To make your access to Giftster lists convenient from anywhere on any device, we have a team developing a mobile platform for Giftster. The IOS Apple app is now live in the App Store. If you use an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, give the Giftster app a try!
  • Available on the iPhone App Store

    If you see something you think we should know about, please let us know! Send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll respond promptly.