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Fill Up Tracy's Stocking

Every year my dad would make sure that my mom was taken care of for Christmas. He would hand me his card and say, "Make sure you get her something nice." He knew that I knew what she liked best! Ha! It was always fun to shop for her. Since the accident, that hasn't happened, and every year I wish that I could fill up her stocking like he did. This is where I need all of you. Sometimes one person can't do it all, but if many people come together it can all get done. So many of you gave her such a good Christmas surprise a couple of years ago and sent ornaments to fill the tree and this year I'd like to fill her stocking. If you can't this year, please know that even just being present in our lives is a gift enough. Do not feel any pressure to participate! I love you just the same. I have included a list of things that I know she would love. You can have them sent to me at: 3190 Sharon Circle Cumming, Ga 30041 Thank you for all the ways you have supported us over the last few years. It means so much to us. Love to you all. Shea

Last update Dec 23, 2021

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