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Why is Giftster free?

Sometimes we hear…

My family depends on Giftster, we’d like to pay for our use of it!

The fact is Giftster is funded by the team that is designing and building it. We have no fancy outside venture capital. Which means we can take our time to design just want you want, on our timetable. This year we made more investment in Giftster features, speed and reliability than ever before.

Two Ways you can help keep Giftster free

1. Get your whole family connected in your family group & tell every other family you know about Giftster.

2. Use the convenient web link feature for Giftster list items when the time comes to purchase items on Giftster lists.

Giftster is really good at helping you give and get gifts that matter most. The online merchants like to see that too. Many merchants pay Giftster a small percentage (generally 2%-4%) of purchases made when members click through links from Giftster to make purchases.

This doesn’t change the price you pay, but it does give us a way to help pay some of the bills around here. The merchants only know you came from Giftster if you follow a link from a Giftster list to get there – either on the website or the Giftster mobile services.

(We also get a little ad-supported revenue from the Google ads you see running on the right side of your lists. Google tries to display ads that are related to items on the lists when possible, to help add value to the browsing experience.)

We hope you continue to enjoy less anxiety and more joy around gift giving occasions with your free use of Giftster. Making your purchases using Giftster web links can help us keep it that way.