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Advertise on Giftster

Excellent opportunity for the right advertiser

Giftster allows limited advertising in our service, to protect the user experience, but we offer 2 prime positions.

Our audience has a very high propensity to buy, as visitors are either making lists of things they desire, or looking to choose and buy a gift for someone else. We have an international audience, but the majority are still visiting stores in the United States.

We have a right column website spot that is available, and a below the list website spot that is available for 2020, with page views in the tens of millions.

Likely best fit is with an advertiser that offers a wide range of products and with a recognizable brand name, or a high quality ad network, or for a strong brand building placement.

page view growth

Very limited space available

If you are interested to work with us on these first come first served positions, please contact Ron at 612-216-5112 x 206.