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Maeghan from Atlanta, member since 2015 reviews Giftster
Loren from Tennessee, member since 2021 reviews Giftster
Ashley from Nashville Member since 2020

Get gifts right. Every time.

“Especially for larger family groups, Giftster is a gift. Never miss out, get the gift that you long for, or give the gift that will bring joy. Goodbye to disappointing presents. It's not just the thought that counts. Make every gift count. Thanks to Giftster lists the recipient is in charge. Clothing will fit. Colours will suit. No duplicates. Genius!”
–Vivien F. Sep 2022
“Love the app/site! Makes gift giving a lot easier and ensures you get the right gift each time. I have a group with all my family members and their kids to use for Christmas and birthdays. The adults always do Secret Santa and it makes it easy to set up. The web extension is also great. If I find a product I love online, I can click the web extension and it'll automatically compile the product name, price, description, and picture onto my gift list. I highly recommend.”
–Crystal, Sep 2022
“Just did an entire afternoon worth of Christmas shopping from the kitchen table. Giftster takes the uncertainty out of Christmas shopping and links you directly with the source of the item you want to order. Just click a few buttons and your shopping is done. How much easier could you want it?”
–John R., Nov 2013

Prevent duplicate gifts & returns

“My family & I have been using Giftster for several years now. We wouldn't do our shopping any other way. It is a great way to make sure a dream is fulfilled without any returns being needed. I also love that I can get ideas for what would be companion ideas to group together. My family is always surprised with what they receive even though it is on their list. It is also a great place to list my own dream list of things I love for a future purchase by me.”
–Carolyn, Dec 2023
“Used Giftster last year for first time. Amazing how easy it was for everyone, even "non tech savvy". People got what they wanted, shopping was easier, many fewer returns/exchanges. Fan for life.
–Jacci R, Sep 2022
“I have a large family, of various ages from 6 to 60 years old who are spread out across the country. I wanted to create a Christmas list that everybody could access to list exactly what they wanted. Giftster is an amazing tool. Everyone is able to set links to the very specific gifts they wanted. Giftster made Christmas shopping so much easier this year. One of the main issues my family runs into is duplicate gift buying which was completely eliminated this year.
–April A., 2012

Simplify year-round shopping for birthdays & beyond

“Our entire family uses Gifster which started out as a Christmas shopping tool but now we use it year round for all sorts of gift giving. Personally I love it since I am receiving gifts I actually want and not be disappointed by gifts that I can't use or don't fit, etc.”
–Kathleen H, Sep 2022
“Your app and the concept behind it is fantastic. I discovered you a couple years ago and got a bunch of my family on board and we use it for all of our birthdays and it's especially handy at Christmas time.”
–Justyn, Sep 2018
“As the Mom in charge, once I introduced Giftster to the family, it took a big hassle off my plate. The kids keep their own lists current, and my mom knows to check Giftster too. I’m out of the middle…I love it.”
–Nancy B., 2009

Draw names for Secret Santa gift exchanges

“I found your site a few years ago and absolutely love it!! We have a large family and we draw names. Your site makes it so easy to find exactly what someone wants.”
–Lisa D., Nov 2018
“Giftster is a WONDERFUL website, and it has helped my family's Christmas gift exchange immensely. I'm Elf Jill, the organizer of the family gift exchange for the last 8 years. Let me tell you - Giftster has saved me SO much time and hassle! Thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful online tool!”
–Jill N., Nov 2018
“Your site made our office secret santa go so smoothly!”
–Kevin B., Aug 2018

The end of gift anxiety

“Because you get to link exactly what you want for you and your kids there's no awkward faking liking a gift or someone wasting their dollars on something that's going to end up in a closet.”

–Maeghan, Nov 2023

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