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So how can you get in contact with us to ask a question, give us some feedback or even better, send us something nice... like a cake?



There is a good chance that someone else had already had the same question that you have.

Try checking out our help page first.


If you can't find what you need at the help page, then go ahead and send us an email. Just make sure to tell us we look nice today!

By Phone

If you can't find what you need at the help page and just really want to talk to someone, then give us a call! But remember, we aren't that psychic, so we can't really help you pick your lotto numbers. Trust us, We have tried!

You can contact Giftster support at 612-216-5112 from 8am to 6pm CST.

Something Else?

Press Resources

Do you want to write something nice about us in the press, maybe your blog read by 5 million people? We tried to do some of the work for you, check out these logo and screen shot image resources. If you want to write something bad about us, would you consider getting that out of your system by writing it down, printing it out, crumpling it into a ball and making a bank shot into the trash?

Security Vulnerability Reporting

We respect responsible disclosure. If you've found a security vulnerability, please send your findings to [email protected]. We appreciate it, and we may even send you chocolate!


If you would like to become an advertiser or partner of Giftster, give us a call.

You can contact Giftster sales at 612-216-5112 from 8am to 6pm CST.


So you decided after all to send us that cake. Well, thank you! You can send it to the address below, don't forget to overnight it!

MyGiftster Corporation

1518 Arden View Drive

Arden Hills, MN 55112 USA

Phone: (612) 216-5112

Fax: (847) 483-1303