Get Gifts Right. Every Time.TM

Your gift ideas go into Giftster and out comes a simpler way to give and get gifts that matter most – without the anxiety.

A free, private, web and mobile gift registry connecting family and close friends.

Set it up once, use it for a lifetime...over a million members do!

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We had a wonderful Christmas using
Giftster. All six of us used it, and everyone received gifts they really wanted.
– Ron B.
Love that you offer online, iPhone, and Android app!
Makes it truly universal.
– Lori K.
Love Giftster. My son set us up years ago. It's made Christmas (and other) shopping so much easier and less stressful. – Sharon B.

15 year old Lisa explains Giftster in 180 seconds

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  • create gift lists for any occasion
  • rate items to see what is most wanted
  • add links to your favorite stores
  • post your preferred colors, sizes, experiences
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Create or join a giftster group

  • control who is in your group
  • share lists within your group
  • manage and view group events
  • browse and reserve gifts

Make a public list anyone can see

  • discover by your name, email or link
  • guests instantly view your list
  • reserve gifts - no account required
  • popular for wedding & baby registry
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  • check lists and gift preferences from anywhere
  • view or print a list of your reserved items
  • buy gifts in person, online or however works for you
  • easy gift ideas, no duplicates, no returns
  • give and get the gifts that matter most

Because there is always something to celebrate…

Give and get gifts that matter most with Giftster

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The End of Gift Anxiety

What gift anxiety, you ask?

Hoping you picked right, fearing you picked wrong

Faking delight when opening an unwanted gift

Settling for a gift card and feeling like a failure

Dreading the hassle of receipts and returns

Forgetting every gift hint from the past few months

Disappointment when you give a gift they already have

End Gift Anxiety start Giftster
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Giftster for all

Everyone in the family has a way to use Giftster.

Your daughter on an iPad. Grandma on the desktop PC. On the go with mobile editions for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

Instantly check lists and preferences wherever you are.

All devices synchronize automatically.

The power of people – lots of them

The proof is in the pudding. Or maybe in the 4 year member growth curve.
Let’s just say we seem to be doing something right. See if you agree.

Member Sign Ups

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2020 Record Giftster Growth

  • Tens of thousands of new family groups
  • Millions of gift ideas added
  • Thousands of Secret Santa draws
  • Over a million perfect gifts chosen

Just get started

Open your free account, start a group, and invite your family members to join.
View and reserve gifts on each other's lists.


Test Drive a Giftster list now
without an account

Start your list, and if you like, Signup.

What a lifetime gift registry features

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Group power

What makes Giftster great? Groups!

If you create the group, you approve the members. That’s how Giftster knows who can view and reserve gifts on each other’s lists, year ‘round.

Create a group and connect everyone in your family or circle of friends, or request to join an existing group now!

List power

The Giftster list magic – two unique views of the same list.

Edit your list

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Share with others

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Reserve power

Mark gift ideas reserved or purchased

When viewing others’ lists, you can change the status of each gift idea. Once you mark an idea reserved or purchased, everyone else (except the list maker) can see that status, avoiding duplicate gifts and letting you sleep in peace.

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Add-to-list power

Click and add items to your Giftster lists while shopping…or any other store.

The power-packed Add to Giftster button automatically adds items to your lists without even visiting Install the Add to Giftster browser extension to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer and add items on the fly. Just don’t get too carried away!

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Preference power

What was that inseam again?

Every Giftster member has a Gift Preference Profile. They might choose a gift based on your preferences rather than a specific item on your list.

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Secret Santa power

Ask Giftster to draw names for a gift exchange

When you want to have a "name” to buy for, Giftster turns up the secrecy and keeps surprises. The Secret Santa Draw generator works with your group, lets you exclude matches, publish your rules, reuse last year's exclusions, and then Jolly (shown at left) picks the names. Fun and easy.

Other features to love

Add hidden gift ideas to other group member's lists that everyone else can see, on web and mobile apps

On web, shop without leaving your list with Item Search - add to list in one click

Simple but powerful Fetch magically fills your lists - including item images

Manage kids, pets or others lists with Child Accounts

Shopping list tracks all your reserved item in one place

Event calendar shares important dates with all group members

News feed displays group activity and sends email digest

One click notices to remind others to update their list

One click item recommendation from Amazon based on item description

Search members to discover public lists to shop and groups to join

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