The family birthday registry

Get gifts right. Every time.

A free, private, gift registry connecting family and close friends. Set it up once, use it every birthday. Over a million members do!

Family group gift registry

Celebrate birthdays together with the original two-way gift registry

Unlike a traditional gift registry, everyone in your group can create and view each other’s wish lists anytime so you can both give and receive gifts from each other.

Giftster sends birthday reminders so you’ll never forget a birthday again.

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The end of birthday gift anxiety

Birthday gift anxiety

What gift anxiety?

  • I panic when I have to fake delight and act happy
  • I worry about being hurt by a gift that seems like an afterthought
  • I feel awkward when people spend too much money on me
  • I fear I’ll get caught regifting a friend’s gift
  • I feel money is wasted when I get stuff I didn’t need

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