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Over 1 million members and counting…

“I didn’t think Giftster would get used after the holidays. But as soon as the first birthday came up, it was the first place everyone went to look for gift ideas.”
“I tested 3 different sites but Giftster was the winner! Even my 80 years young mother-in-law could use it!”
“Love that you offer online, iPhone, and Android app! Makes it truly universal.”

The end of birthday gift anxiety

Birthday gift anxiety

What gift anxiety?

  • I panic when I have to fake delight and act happy
  • I worry about being hurt by a gift that seems like an afterthought
  • I feel awkward when people spend too much money on me
  • I fear I’ll get caught regifting a friend’s gift
  • I feel money is wasted when I get stuff I didn’t need

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