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With a baby on the way, Giftster makes it easy and fun to collect ideas in one place and share the list with others to celebrate your new arrival.

Set it up once, use it for baby, birthdays and holidays.

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What makes a baby registry great?

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Add any item in seconds with Fetch
Simply copy and paste a web link to an item you want to add and Giftster fills in the rest automatically. Or type in any baby gift name, no link necessary.
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Share baby clothing sizes, colors & guidance for givers
Gift preferences is a great place to share your preferred clothing sizes, colors you like or dislike, or even a place to list items you already have and don't need multiples of.
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Personalize your baby registry with a list image
Choose from over 50 images suited to fit your individual style.
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Guests can shop your baby's wish list without an account

To help you avoid duplicate gifts and returns, visitors to your baby registry do not need an account to mark items purchased. No sign up required. Find out more about guest shopping

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Set your baby wish list to public to share it with anyone

Over 2 million members and counting…

“Used Giftster last year for first time. Amazing how easy it was for everyone, even "non tech savvy". People got what they wanted, shopping was easier, many fewer returns/exchanges. Fan for life.”
–Jacci R., Sep 2022
“I needed a place to display a list of gift ideas for a baby shower for which Giftster worked brilliantly.”
–Stuart W., Nov 2013
“As the Mom in charge, once I introduced Giftster to the family, it took a big hassle off my plate. The kids keep their own lists current, and my mom knows to check Giftster too. I’m out of the middle…I love it.”
–Nancy B., 2009

The end of baby registry gift anxiety

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What gift anxiety?

  • Will I get the sizes I really need?
  • I’m dreading duplicates and long return lines
  • I don’t want friends and family stressing over what to get
  • How do I combine items from several stores in one list?
  • I want my list completed fast

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