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With a baby on the way, Giftster makes it easy and fun to collect ideas in one place and share the list with others to celebrate your new arrival.

Set it up once, use it for baby, birthdays and holidays.

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What makes a baby registry great

1 Add items from any store Tell Giftster to Fetch and it’s on your list
2 Share gift preferences Include baby sizes, colors, and other guidance for givers
3 Anyone can shop your list Share your list publicly, with a group, or with a link
4 Guests mark items purchased No signup required, no duplicates & you can see status

I needed a place to display a list of gift ideas for a baby shower for which Giftster worked brilliantly.


I tested 3 different sites but Giftster was the winner! Even my 80 years young mother-in-law could use it!

– Celina P.

Love that you offer online, iPhone, and an Android app! Makes it truly universal

– april a.

The end of baby registry gift anxiety

What gift anxiety?

  • Will I get the sizes I really need?
  • I’m dreading duplicates and long return lines
  • I don’t want friends and family stressing over what to get
  • How do I combine items from several stores in one list?
  • I want my list done, now


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start your baby registry

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