Try an online Secret Santa gift exchange

If you like to draw names out of a hat for a holiday, Christmas, or another gift exchange and buy for one person in the family try an online Secret Santa gift exchange with Giftster.

All the things you love about Giftster as a family wish list service with a Secret Santa drawing. It’s fun to use and makes selecting the right gift a piece of fruitcake.

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Giftster's Jolly drawing names

Why use Giftster for your gift exchange?

Giftster Secret Santa draw benefits

Picks Are Kept Secret The member Giftster picked for you is a secret – not even the organizer knows who picked who.

One Way Draws Each member has a chance of drawing anyone in the group, unless the organizer specified exclusions.

Random Picks Your pick does not draw you as their pick, except by chance.

Gift Ideas Browse any of your pick’s Giftster lists or gift preferences for ideas (subject to any organizer rules).

No Duplicate Gifts Mark an item reserved or purchased to let the organizer know you have started shopping.

Use Year-Round When the organizer ends the Secret Santa Draw, your group and wish lists remain.

How does it work?

After your draw is complete, Giftster will display a Santa hat next to your pick and your custom rules (such as a spending limit, theme or location).

Giftster's Secret Santa Generator puts you in charge

If you create your family group, then you have exclusive ability to organize the Secret Santa. Just create a group with three or more members. You can exclude members or specific matches before the draw too. Each member is notified both in their Giftster account and by email. 

Once gifts are opened, just remove the Secret Santa draw from the group. The group, members, and lists remain, for you to use year around for birthdays, other gift giving events, and next year’s Holiday. Giftster saves your previous draws so you can choose to tell Giftster not to make the same picks as before.

How do I get started?

You'll love the simple way Secret Santa works – it's giftsterrific!

Sign up or login to (Secret Santa is not currently available on the iOS or Android app).

Visit Groups on the website, select the start a group button, and invite two or more people to join. Already have a group? Add a new Secret Santa Draw on your existing group page.

Approve any requests to join your group and wait for others to accept their invites so you have 3 or more members. Convince your family to join.

On your Group page select the Secret Santa section at the top. Then press the add a Secret Santa draw button. Fill in your rules and add any draw exclusions.

Start the draw. Giftster will display a Santa hat next to your pick and notify each member by email who their pick is. Members can create wish lists, add gift preferences, and mark items as purchased on others' lists.

Tip from Jolly

You, as the organizer, have access to the Giftster Draw Dashboard where draw details are summarized. You can even see who has started to shop for their pick and who hasn't so you know who needs a nudge. You can also update your draw rules at any time and everyone instantly sees your updates.

“I found your site a few years ago and absolutely love it!! We have a large family and we draw names. Your site makes it so easy to find exactly what someone wants.”
Lisa D.
“Giftster is a WONDERFUL website, and it has helped my family's Christmas gift exchange immensely. I'm Elf Jill, the organizer of the family gift exchange for the last 8 years. Let me tell you - Giftster has saved me SO much time and hassle! Thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful online tool!”
Jill N.
“Your site made our office secret santa go so smoothly!” Kevin B.
Erin F.

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