Why a Year-Round Family Gift Registry Makes Sense

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They are thoughtful.

The thought still counts, even if you use a gift registry. It’s the digital version of asking someone in-person what they have on their wish list. 

A gift registry is a centralized location where you can go and research what a person really needs and wants. You may find things you never thought a person would ever really want or find useful. You may also discover that you have a shared interest with them that you never knew about simply by reviewing their wish list. 

Buying off of someone’s gift registry could be considered more thoughtful when you really think about it.

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They make good economic sense.

Remember getting that gift that you couldn’t use but you feigned delight and it’s still in your closet? Or walking into the mall to buy a birthday gift for your spouse and realizing you had no clue where to start? Once you got over that panic you ended up with a gift you’re still not sure they really wanted.

Well, when you add up all these gift “misses” – where money was spent on something that meant less than it costs to the recipient, that loss of value from “thoughtful” gift giving adds up to billions of dollars a year.

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They reduce stress & anxiety.

Besides the economy of it, gift giving creates an emotional connection and when mistakes are made it creates what we call gift anxiety.

I bet you can recall a time or two when giving or receiving a gift felt stressful or awkward because it was a miss. 

And let’s not forget the stress that comes from having to return gifts. A gift registry prevents duplicate gifts and helps to ensure the buyer chooses the right size, color or model too.

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Tip: To get Giftster to “catch on” in your family, just get at least one approved member in your group. Once they see what it’s like to mark items purchased on your list, they’ll really see the value and the rest of the family will want in.

Why Giftster is your smart choice

Giftster values security, privacy, and always puts members first.

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“My daughter-in-law recommended Giftster so that she could share a list of wishes for their son’s birthday, and so my other daughter-in-law could do the same with their children. I love all the features that are available for items added to lists! I also love that I can share certain lists and keep other lists private. I love that my daughters-in-law can rate each item with one to five stars and change the ratings at any time, so I can always know what the kids want most.”
Sherrie G.
“I have a large family, of various ages from 6 to 60 years old who are spread out across the country. I wanted to create a Christmas list that everybody could access to list exactly what they wanted on their gift list. Giftster is an amazing tool. Everyone is able to set links to the very specific gifts they wanted. Giftster made Christmas shopping so much easier this year. One of the main issues my family runs into is duplicate gift buying which was completely eliminated this year. Giftster is easy to use and that sets you apart. My family members who are little children and up to seniors were able to navigate your site. I have only praise for your site and have recommended it to friends since the holidays.”
Sumiko C.
““WE LOVE YOUR SITE!!! My family and I just stumbled upon your site after a quick google search. We have approximately 25 family members that come to Christmas every year. And everyone buys a gift for everyone. Exhausting and expensive at best. But now we can post things that don’t cost anything (like a buddy to help organize a closet, or recipes that are gluten free). And we can centralize the whole process. We are in love!””

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