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Amy Renee Hunter *Breast Cancer Items

Hello, Everyone. Thank You for the out pouring of love & support I’ve gotten from all of you in regards to my recent Beast Cancer Diagnosis. The notes, emails, calls & messages I have received have been very needed. This journey will be hard but I have an awesome support system & a lot of Faith. I started 24 weeks of chemotherapy on March 2, 2023. My initial session was tough, as I did suffer an allergy attack which was my biggest fear going into treatment. I however was wearing a Dignicap initial thinking it “may” help me recover from hair loss. However, I am accrediting the cold cap in helping to aid bringing my vital signs down to normal. When suffering Anaphylactic attacks I get very flush, my heart races & blood pressure drops leading to syncope. I seek cold areas when this happens. I could feel my head burning up under the cold cap. I truly believe it helped me recover from the attack faster. Therefore, I am choosing to continue to use it because after that scary experience I am opting to air on the side of caution. After the initial treatment & speaking with other women it did bring into light what “materialistic” items I will need on this journey that I don’t currently have. You all know how I feel about these things, give what you can, when you can to the causes & things you love & believe in. Thank You to those of you that have gave me the courage to set my pride aside. I must be strong & courageous. I truly appreciate the love & support. Additionally, medical bills my Insurance CoPays are adding up significantly as doctors continue to monitor my heart & insure the cancer has not spread by continuous ultrasounds, bone scans & MRIS. If you so choose to Give monetarily to help cover hospital bills, you can do so in a number of ways. Check payments can be sent directly to my home address. Venmo transfer to @amyreneehunter Paypal Transfer [email protected] Amy Hunter 9518 S Beaver Creek Way Middlesex, NC 27557. You know I love a simple card or quick hello! Everyone this is fully in response to the messages I’ve received about helping in anyway. If you’ve already sent If you have the clothing items I’ve asked for in your closet by all means please send those. Size small/medium tops/bottoms. 6 slippers. Top 4 most needed items are FitBit Heart Monitor Watch, Chemo Recovery Drinks, Cryro/Chemo Gloves/slipppers, & the breast pillow. Also, if anyone knows of any grant assistant programs dealing specifically with breast cancer please let me know. I am wait listed on a few. Thank You everyone again for the outpouring of support. Here is the list of items that would make this journey much more enjoyable & approachable. Love Always, Amy Renee

Last update Apr 21, 2023

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