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Unicamp Library Wishlist

Help us build an updated social justice library for kids, youth, and adults to enjoy when they visit! We welcome donations of good quality used books, zines, comics, plays and poetry by diverse authors. Pre-loved copies are encouraged (but please no old textbooks, basic beach reads, and the like!). This list of suggestions has been compiled by staff and campers, but others related to these titles and topics would be greatly appreciated as well. Check out your local used book stores and free book banks with Unicamp in mind. If you purchase a book from this list for Unicamp, please let us know in person at Admin or email familyprogramdirector@unicampofontario so we can update the list! We appreciate your ongoing support. Thank you so much! Books can be dropped off at Admin or shipped to us: Unicamp of Ontario (Library Donation) 638159 Prince of Wales Road Mulmur ON, L9V 0C5

Last update Oct 5, 2023

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