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Adalynns birthday wishlist!

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to click the link and take a peek!☺️ We appreciate that you would like to purchase a present for Adalynn and show your love in that way. We understand that the toys we choose to keep in her environment are not conventional or what you might be used to, so this list was a way of giving everyone some guidance and the opportunity to still pick a present with having lots to choose from! Toys on here might seem expensive, but we like to keep the amount of toys she has minimal. We would rather her have 5 toys that will be open ended and last until she’s older, than a bunch of age specific toys she’ll grow out of right away!☺️ Another awesome idea is experiences! She’s still young so there isn’t as many to choose from, but she loves going to the zoo and aquarium, and we would love to experience it with you! Please know we do not expect you to purchase any of these items, and your presence at her birthday party to love on her is more than enough!❤️

Last update Feb 24, 2023

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