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Help me equip myself for a safe 64km solo hike through the Fundy Footpath!

I'm taking on the Fundy Footpath solo this August and need your help to upgrade some of my backpacking gear. Your contribution will help me purchase lighter, or more efficient gear, as well as essential safety equipment, ensuring that I'm well prepared for this challenging 5 day journey alone. About the Trail: "This 64.3km (39.9 mile) 4 -5 day recreational trail stretches from Big Salmon River along the Fundy Trail Parkway to the Fundy National Park Visitors Center. Trail users are offered the opportunity to observe old-grown forests, spectacular vistas, pristine beaches and estuaries, geology and biodiversity." - Description taken from the Fundy Footpath Hikers Guidebook map. The Fundy Footpath in Southern New Brunswick, Canada has a total elevation gain of approximately 4,500 meters (14,764 feet) over its entire length of 64.3 km (39.9 miles). The trail has some steep inclines and descents, with some sections reaching over 250 meters (820 feet) in elevation change per kilometer. It's known for its challenging terrain and stunning coastal views.

Last update Jun 23, 2023

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