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Micah Miller's 1st Birthday Party!

Hi there! We are so grateful that you are interested in blessing Micah for his birthday. We are looking to build a library of books, as well as grow his closet for the next season as he is a growing boy! If you wish to buy any sort of clothing, here is his size: summer clothes 12 mo / 12-18 mo (he is in between sizes!) winter clothes - 12-18 mo. He is on the smaller size, so each piece of clothing can fit different on him. If you do purchase a clothing item, we would really appreciate it if you get a gift receipt since he is a small little guy and clothes can fit a little funny and we would love to exchange your gift if it doesn't fit for a different size! Thank you so much!! :) So grateful for each and every one of you and how you have loved on Micah this last year!

Last update May 14, 2022

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