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Thank you for the secret santa!! It's amazing! Giftster is now officially PERFECT.

Grace H., October 16, 2015

I am using your app and desktop site this year to put together my
kiddos gift list and I love it. #genius

Dawn C., December 2, 2014

WE LOVE YOUR SITE!!! My family and I just stumbled upon your site after a quick google search. We have approximately 25 family members that come to Christmas every year. And everyone buys a gift for everyone. Exhausting and expensive at best. But now we can post things that don’t cost anything (like a buddy to help organize a closet, or recipes that are gluten free).
And we can centralize the whole process. We are in love!

Alexandra W., October 29, 2014

We used Giftster for Christmas 2013 and we are getting started again
for 2014. I'm loving the new features!

Hannah L., October 22, 2014

I do love Giftster.

Sandi B., October 21, 2014

Just did an entire afternoon worth of Christmas shopping from the kitchen table. Giftster takes the uncertainty out of Christmas shopping and links you directly with the source of the item you want to order. Just click a few buttons and your shopping is done.
How much easier could you want it?

John R., November 30, 2013

I needed a place to display a list of gift ideas for a baby shower for
which Giftster worked brilliantly.

Stuart W., November 07, 2013

Love your site and your Android & iOS Apps! I'm getting my family
signed up now! Thanks for all you do!

Bryan M., October 31, 2013

Great job, this service has saved a lot of double-ups, mass phone-calling to prevent double-ups, and more importantly, everyone commented on how great it was to receive gifts that seemed to match their wish list so precisely…

Katherine P. from Australia, January 1, 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas using Giftster. All six of us used it, and everyone received gifts they really wanted. This was the most robust year for us on Giftster, and I think it will only grow from here. I have already updated mine to remove the items I received for Christmas. We are trying to get everyone in our family in the habit of keeping it current at all times.
Thanks for a great site!

Ron B., Dec. 29, 2012

Love that you offer online, iPhone, and Android app! Makes it truly universal particularly in large diverse groups of users spanning generations. Your helpful hints via the blog are also particularly well-written.

Donna F., Dec. 24, 2012

I had a false start on another site for my family's Christmas gift registry. It was a total bomb. The site was not user friendly, it was ill designed, and the link they embedded in the invitations to join didn't work (led to a dead page on their site)! So I did some quick online research and found Giftster. What an improvement! If my 80+ year old mom and mother-in-law can master it, you'll have a customer for life! Thanks!

Karen A., Dec. 2, 2012

Your app is exactly what I've been looking for. I don't know why it took me so long! I'm in the process of getting the whole family set up! Thank you for creating such a great app! I can't wait to get everyone using it.

Steve H., Nov. 5, 2012

Our family is spread into multiple states and cities. Giftster is a great way to let our family know specific gifts that matter most wherever they are living.

Dale S., 2012

With our whole family living all over the world and having to buy presents for 10 kids on each special occasion, it has always been chaotic. Now with Giftster, we can just list the things we would like and it makes buying for everybody a whole lot easier!

Jenn C., 2012

My extended family likes to give gifts to each other at Christmas. We used to use paper and email lists, but that led to duplicate gifts. Giftster has helped us keep our lists current, without the avalanche of email.

Sumiko C., 2012

I love the Giftster app! It's the best!

Emma J., 2012

We had issues keeping everyone's lists up to date. Every time you thought of a new gift to add to your list, you had to email everyone. Giftster has been AWESOME! It works so slick and it's great you can actually link to items on
your list.

Jordan P., 2012

I have a large family, of various ages from 6 to 60 years old who are spread out across the country. I wanted to create a Christmas list that everybody could access to list exactly what they wanted on their gift list. Giftster is an amazing tool. Everyone is able to set links to the very specific gifts they wanted. Giftster made Christmas shopping so much easier this year. One of the main issues my family runs into is duplicate gift buying which was completely eliminated this year. Gifster is easy to use and that sets you apart. My family members who are little children and up to seniors were able to navigate your site. I have only praise for your site and have recommended it to friends since the holidays.

April A., 2012

Giftster is the most charming, personable company.

Adrilia, 2012

Giftster has been a great way to figure out secret santa exchanges and a wonderful way to share wishlists for holiday exchanges and for gifts throughout the year. The wishlists help to ensure I'm buying gifts that are
really wanted.

Erin F., 2012

I like Giftster because I can keep my kids' lists updated all year round
and it serves as the single source for birthdays/xmas/etc.

Dale F., 2012

Giftster is an easy way to virtually connect with family and friends and
have ALL their information in one place.

Jessica A., 2012

I like that I can create one list for myself and one for each of my kids and all the grandparents can see and share it. We don't get so many questions
or duplication at holiday and birthday times.

Leanne T., 2012

Personal, easy, fast. Taking the 'guess work' out of gift giving. I'm more organized now.

Carol B., 2012

Personal, easy, fast. Taking the 'guess work' out of gift giving. I'm more organized now.

Carol B., 2012

The challenge was always to have a centrally-located gift list for our family Christmas gift exchange. Poor Mom! She was always at the hub of all our phone calls about what was already taken from the master gift list and what was still available. Finally we have easy access to up-to-the-minute ideas for everyone in the family. And with the phone app, we're finally free from paper lists! Keep up the good work, and thanks for all your efforts!

Lori K., 2012

Giftster is the first site I found that does not pair up with a major retailer only AND has up-to-date website design. Plus, you can rate the need of an item, you can add a link, you can create a group, all fairly simple. It is friendly for both the young and the old, not too flashy or gimmicky and seems like it is true to the common people for a common purpose: giving to others. You are not selling, which is the opposite of giving, but simply providing a tool for others. You are giving something special, which is why I keep on coming back.

Francesca L., 2012

Our family had been exchanging Christmas gift lists for over a decade, but our oldest family member was having trouble losing emails. We love not needing to keep track of what has been chosen or bought. Giftster is an excellent solution to this problem. Email worked for our family in the beginning, but became very unsatisfying as the family grew. Plus, we are just beginning
to use it for birthdays. Thank you.

John M., 2012

I have a large family and extended family. I was hoping Giftster would allow us to keep track of buying presents for one another. It has been

Matthew B., 2012

I just found it tonight, have already created two groups, and added numerous members! This is one of those things that you just cant live without once you have it. It simplifies everything, in this electronic, IPOD age.

Susan M., 2011

Extremely well - in fact, last Christmas my immediate family all used
Giftster and we all were very happy with the gifts we received.

Rosa W., 2011

I like that Giftster is more about simple family list management and less about forcing me to go shopping through its interface.

Susan B., 2011

We used Giftster for Christmas last year and will continue to use it this
year. I also refer the family to the kids wish list for birthdays too.

Holly F., 2011

Great site! My family and I are looking forward to using it again this
holiday season.

Michael L., 2010

Once people use Giftster, they will be hooked!

Mary K., 2010

Giftster a more discreet way of making/giving a wish list. If someone wants your list they know where to find it. I don't have to hand them a list.

Katie K., 2010

We used to send a list of gift ideas by email at the last minute. We ended up spending too much money, duplicating gifts, and extra time figuring out
who bought what.

Nancy A., 2010

I’m the thoughtful type; I hate gift lists. But after using Giftster, I see how I can use a person’s wish list as a starting point to help discover just the
right thing.

Pat C., 2010

As the Mom in charge, once I introduced Giftster to the family, it took a big hassle off my plate. The kids keep their own lists current, and my mom knows to check Giftster too. I’m out of the middle…I love it.

Nancy B., 2009

I like that you can add a link right to an Amazon page with the gift idea, so you know exactly what someone is wishing for. It saves trying to subtly find out a color or size or model number preference.

Bill R., 2009

I didn’t think Giftster would get used after the holidays. But as soon as the first birthday came up, it was the first place everyone went to look for gift ideas.

Ron E., 2009

I’m the "techie" in the family, and I’ve introduced a few things (like email) to my family. But I have to say currently I am the hero for having convinced
my family to give Giftster a try.

Ryan M., 2009

I’m Lisa and I’m 12. I like to put my gift ideas on Giftster because then I know my mom and dad, brother, grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncle and cousin can see my list any time they want to.

Lisa R., 2009

"MyGiftster for example has two really handy features for potential gift givers, givers can flag a present that they want to purchase for you to indicate that someone is actively in the process of purchasing it and they can mark off when they've bought it so nobody else purchases it (both settings
are invisible to you, the list holder).

Jason Fitzpatrick, Lifehacker.com, 2009

I set up a Giftster group that includes my 5 best friends, and everyone has a Giftster list. Since it also tracks birthdays and other events, we use
Giftster to keep track of important dates for our friendships.

Erika B., 2008

My favorite websites? Netflix, ZapTel, Amazon, and now Giftster!

Anonymous, 2008

Want to get started? Create your own wish list, then create a group, then invite your family or friends to join it, and you’ve found a better way to give and get gifts that matter most!