The September Christmas Countdown: exciting or stress inducing?

This week marks one month that my kids have been in school.  Halloween is 39 days away and Thanksgiving is in 66 days.  No one seems to mention this, though.  It’s all “just 13 more Fridays/weekends/weeks till Christmas,” not to mention the retail outlets that have had their holiday displays up for months now.  Months!  So let me ask — is this foreshadowing getting you excited or is it stressing you out?

Gift giving is an all year thing, not just for the holidays

Show of hands: How many times do you think to yourself while shopping, “oooohhhh….I hope [insert your gift giver name] gives me that for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas/etc?”

Another question: How many people have their minds completely go blank when someone asks them what they’d like for their birthday even though they’ve seen things that would make great gifts?  Or how many kids banter back and forth about what to give their parents for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or their anniversary?  I know I can’t be alone.

While the holidays are one of the most popular times people give gifts, they aren’t the only gift giving occasions.  It’s just as important to get the gift right in these situations and why keeping your Giftster updated throughout the year is a great way to help the gift givers in your life.

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No peaking! Make a private wish list for your eyes only

List makers are a special type of person.  I know because I’m one of them.  I would be lost without my shopping lists, my to do lists, my don’t forget to pack lists.  The same goes for the various things I think are awesome and I wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift.  But not everyone needs to see my huge, lengthy lists.  I don’t expect to receive everything on them but I also don’t want to forget where I saw certain things.  My solution: private lists just for me.

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Use the KISS method for giving great Valentine’s Day gifts

There’s 9 shopping days till Valentine’s Day but you don’t have to go all crazy to make that special someone feel…well…special.  Just use Giftster and the KISS method for your Valentine’s Day gifts and you’ll make your sweetie smile.

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STOP! There’s only 329 shopping days till Christmas!

It’s go time, people!  We need to get the holidays under control STAT!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Is she serious?  Why oh why are we counting down to Christmas already?”


No, I’m not serious about planning that far ahead with your gift giving but I hope I caught your attention enough to remind you that now is as good of a time as any to get yourself into the habit of updating your own wish list for gift giving throughout the year.

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Forgive me Giftsters – I bought my sister-in-law a gift not on her wish list

I have a little confession to make.  Occasionally, I go off-list to buy a gift.

I can hear you all as I type this: “OH NO!  Not Aimee!  She always tells us to stay ON list, not go OFF list to give a great gift!”

It’s true.  Most of the gifts I do give since using Giftster have come off of others’ wish lists.  However, from time to time when it seems appropriate, I come up with a gift idea that someone did not wish for.

You may do the same or you may have someone in your life that just doesn’t like to use wish lists.  As we’ve discussed before, this can be tricky and can come with high risk.  But even if you plan to go off-list to buy your gift, you can still use Giftster as a tool to guide you in the right direction.

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Do you Black Friday or Cyber Monday? How your online gift registry can help.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday.  I cook for two whole days, spend time with my family and enjoy the day of giving thanks.

And then I ponder whether or not I should venture out the next morning to go shopping.  After two busy days, do I really need the extra stress?

While many are enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, many more are hitting the stores both online and offline.  Are you one of them?

If you’ve got your Giftster wish list already created, you’re ahead of the game.  Here’s my game plan for using Giftster to tackle all the holiday shopping without any stress.

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Bah humbug to those who think holiday gift registries are rude or not thoughtful

We’ve heard the occasional criticism that family gift registries are “rude,” “un-Christmas” or “take the joy out of gift giving.”  I even have a family member who gets offended and proclaims, “what…I give great gifts!  Don’t you like the presents I give you?”

Is this true?  Could it be that registries are the death of thoughtful gift giving?

No…I don’t think so.  The thought still counts (and probably counts more) even when you get your gift ideas from a holiday wish list.

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One year, he gave me a giant stuffed walrus for Christmas

When you give a gift to that special someone this holiday, ask yourself: will you be giving a gift that will make them squeal in delight or are you giving them a giant stuffed walrus?

Gift giving is exciting and thrilling and fun.  Many times, people put great thought and time into a gift while others fly by the seat of their pants as they scramble through the store to find the right gift in time to give it.  But which ones are more likely to get it right?  More accurately, how many will get gifts right this year all together?

Bottom line: gifts are given with the best of intentions and no one wants to give one that’s bad or unwanted, but almost one-third will not get it right and it will be the equivalent of receiving a huge stuffed walrus.

I know this because I’ve received such a walrus.  Literally.

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I’m not only the Giftster Tipster – I’m also a member

You may have reached this blog and thought to yourself, “who is this incredibly intelligent woman who knows so much about gifting and why should I listen to her?”  Let me start by saying that your assessment is spot on and I’m glad we’ve found each other.  While you’re here, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself to those of you who are new to Giftster and why I’m not only the proud Giftster Tipster but also a very enthusiastic member.

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