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15 Thoughtful Gifts To Bring When Visiting a New Mom & Baby

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The arrival of a newborn is an exciting occasion not only for the new mom but also for the entire family and friends. However, it is easy to shift all the love and attention to the bundle of joy, leaving out the mom. A new mother goes through many hardships and challenges during pregnancy. Gifting her something cute is a thoughtful way to share your joy and make them feel pampered and cared for. If you are trying to figure out what gift to bring when visiting a new mom, I’ve put together a few to help you support the new mom and her baby.

1. Flowers

Flowers are a great gift for a new mom. Make an order for flowers the new mom can take home from the hospital, and ensure you customize your gift to include her favorite flowers. Bring the flowers in a verse so they are easy to carry home and care for.

2. Diapers and wipes

A newborn can never have enough diapers! Find out what diapers and wipes the mom prefers and pick some up before heading over. Choose packs of size one and two as babies will quickly grow away from newborn diapers.

3. Comfy sweatshirt

If you are visiting the new mom in the hospital, a casual sweatshirt or nursing top is a perfect gift. Babies can be messy, and an extra top will be handy during frequent clothing changes. 

4. Ice roller

An ice roller can be an ideal way to pamper and celebrate a new mom. Pregnancy can be tough on the body, and ice rollers help reduce inflammation and the appearance of pores. Most importantly, they bring great relief to the skin after strenuous labor. 

5. Cozy socks

Hospital rooms can be cold. The new mom will appreciate something warm and fluffy. Cozy small socks are a small item that makes her feel more at home. 

6. Cozy robe and slippers

The early postpartum days require some extra coziness. A new mom in your life will greatly appreciate a pair of cozy robes and slippers. 

7. Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow is one of the most thoughtful gifts the new mom will love. It helps her relax her back while providing soft, reliable support for the newborn.

8. Baby monitor

After enduring nine months of tough pregnancy and hours of exhausting labor, the new mom will undoubtedly look forward to a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. A baby monitor makes it easy for her to check on her baby so she can get some much-needed shut-eye. 

9. Beautiful pajamas

The new mom will likely spend the first days of her new baby’s life in pajamas. Bringing a pair of pretty pajamas is sure to lighten her spirits up!

10. Food baskets

A new mom has little time to prepare a meal. Easy, one-hand food baskets full of fruit, nuts, crackers, and other healthy snacks allow her to eat quickly and satisfy her hunger cravings during those rare free moments. 

11. Food deliveries

Healthy food of any kind will be appreciated. Show your love and care by sending home-cooked meals of their favorite meal. 

12. Jewelry

A new piece of jewelry is an exciting way to mark a milestone in a new mom’s life. This is especially ideal as a thoughtful gift from her hubby or partner to the new mom. Choose something specific to her new baby, such as a piece of a necklace bearing the baby’s birthdate. 

13. Send in the cleaners

Gifting doesn’t have to be exclusively physical. You can put a smile on a new mom’s face by sending in cleaners to help with dishes, laundry, and any other household chores. Just be sure to ask if it would be ok first before surprising her with house guests during this vulnerable time.

14. Water bottle

A new water bottle is a thoughtful gift for a nursing mom. She definitely needs a healthy dose of fluid to sustain healthy breastfeeding. 

15. A book

A book can help keep the new mom mentally engaged while tethered to a pump. Choose a book in her preferred genre and drop them off during your visit. You can also consider bringing an audible membership that allows her to remain hands-free and listen to any topic of her liking. 

Empower and support mothers

Celebrating the incredible journey of new motherhood involves nurturing, acknowledging, and uplifting the new mom in your life. The suggestions above are an excellent starting point to show your appreciation and support and help a new mom feel seen, confident, and empowered during this challenging yet transformative time. 

Happy gifting!

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