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12 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

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Mom, Mother, Mommy, Aunt, Stepmom, Grammy, Mama. No matter what you call them, the wonderful women in your life deserve to feel special on Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own mother or your wife and mother of your children, the experts at Giftster have you covered. Our ideas go above and beyond cards or gifts that you can purchase at a store.

With these 12 ways to make the mother figure in your life feel special on Mother’s Day, you’ll be able to show her that you care about her, that you appreciate the time you spend with her, and that you understand the things in life she values.

1. Sign her up for a class or studio time

Creative outlets are a great way to help Mom feel special on Mother’s Day. A cooking class, baking class, or art class will allow your mother to learn something new and explore a hobby she might not take the time for on her own.

Similar to a class, look for studios in the area that allow for paint-your-own-pottery or open-ended design times that will inspire Mom’s creative side.

2. Clean the house

If your mother works hard for you, use Mother’s Day to return the favor. You don’t exactly have to clean the entire house, but completing a chore or two will help her feel special and cared for.

Have you moved out of your parents’ home? You can hire a house cleaning service or grocery delivery service so Mom can relax.

3. Let her spend time alone

If Mom is busy raising small children, running errands, and otherwise keeping the household in order, what she might like most on Mother’s Day is time to herself. 

Take the kids out of the house and let her read a book, take a long bath, or curl up with a cozy blanket to nap. Trust us, silence is golden.

4. Enjoy a day of wine tasting

Take your mom on a tour of local vineyards. If you have wineries in your area, you should be able to enjoy tastings for free or for a small fee. You’ll also learn about winemaking and try new varieties of wine.

For a truly special Mother’s Day gift experience, buy a snack and a bottle of wine to share in a vineyard’s peaceful surroundings.

5. Schedule family photographs

Mothers treasure memories. Make it a Mother’s Day to remember by scheduling family photographs. The entire family can get together to capture everyone looking their best and having a good time.

You can have candid photos in a park or more professional studio photos. Mom is sure to appreciate the family time.

6. Plan her favorite meal

Have you ever heard the phrase, “food is the way to the heart”? Well, to make your mom’s heart feel special on Mother’s Day, plan for her to enjoy her favorite meal. It could be pancakes in bed, lunch at the local sandwich shop, or an elaborate multi-course meal at a fancy restaurant.

Of course, there’s also the possibility of an indoor picnic, a snack of only chocolates, or a nightcap, if one of those is what Mom prefers.

7. Go for a walk

It may sound simple to join your mom for a walk, but walking together can be a beneficial time for exercise and bonding. As you’re walking, you’ll naturally have a conversation and focus on each other. 

You can walk around the neighborhood, in a park, or along some hiking trails. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can walk inside a mall or indoor track.

If the mom you want to treat for Mother’s Day has young children, a walk outside is a great opportunity for exploration and play.

8. Send Mom out for some pampering

Manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and hair treatments can help the mother in your life relax and feel beautiful. And since many of these services aren’t cheap, Mom might not splurge on herself very often.

With a salon or spa gift card, your mom can choose how to spend an hour or two of her time feeling pampered and special.

9. Have a family game night

Sometimes, a mom will feel most special when she gets to spend time with the people she loves and cares about. A family game night is a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Everyone can join together for friendly competition and fun.

Board games, sports, and puzzles are all examples of ways to spend a family game night. With small children, a game night might simply include hide and seek and lots of tickles.

10. Make time for a video call

If you’ve moved out of your mother’s house and can’t make it to visit her for Mother’s Day, you can still help her feel special with a video call. Even if you’ve sent a card or gift, a video call will show your mother that you love and care for her.

For a video call she’ll treasure, include everyone in the family, and cross your fingers for inside jokes and fun family banter.

11. Create a “Mother’s Day” gift box

Think of all of the little things Mom loves, from candles to fuzzy blankets to looseleaf tea. Does she always lose her hair ties, or wish she had one more water bottle? Do her favorite socks have holes worn into the heels?

Collect her favorite things in a box or basket, just for her on Mother’s Day. Let young kids help pick out items, too. Trust us, Mom will even love a box filled with princess stickers and superhero tattoos.

12. Tell your mom you love her

Sometimes, it isn’t about something you buy or something you do; the most meaningful Mother’s Day present is likely to be something you say. Make sure to tell your mom, the mother of your kids, your grandmother, your aunt, your stepmom, or any other wonderful woman in your life that you love her.

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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