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Long distance gift giving

How do you give gifts in a long-distance relationship?

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Just because you are in a long-distance relationship does not mean you are off the hook for giving gifts. In fact, the opposite is true. Sending gifts to your significant other can help you feel more connected. The tangible item is something physical that the other person can touch and hold while thinking of you. This helps to bring the two of you closer together emotionally when you can’t be there physically. Keep these long-distance gift-giving etiquette tips in mind for your relationship. 

Recognize milestones 

Long-distance relationships are hard work. They require more effort because you are physically unable to spend quality time together. This makes reaching relationship milestones that much more important. So celebrate even the smallest of milestones with a token gift. Little milestones only need a small gift, so don’t go all out for every milestone. Perhaps you send flowers, a coffee gift card, or arrange for dinner delivery.  

Create anticipation and excitement 

Part of gift giving when in a relationship is the experience you two have together when giving the gift. When you are in a long-distance relationship, you don’t have this. Instead, create anticipation and excitement leading up to your long-distance gift-giving. This helps build the experience and creates a stronger connection between you two. You could give hints or have them guess what the gift might be. Or you could mail several packages that have hints or parts of the gift that will arrive in the days leading up to the final gift. 

Properly time your gift 

Timing can be crucial when giving long-distance gifts. You want the gift to get to the recipient in time for the occasion that you are giving it for. For example, a birthday gift that arrives the day before or on the day of is more meaningful than one that arrives a week later. It shows you pay attention and prioritize your partner. Otherwise, it may seem like you forgot and rushed at the last minute to send something. 

Don’t skip wrapping 

You can and should wrap your gifts before you mail them. Yes, this is an extra step. However, it is one worth doing. When your partner opens their package, they still have a beautiful gift to unwrap. This helps to build anticipation a little more and make the gift feel more special. 

Share the experience virtually 

Once the gift is with the other person, arrange a time to open it together. That way, both of you can share in the excitement and experience of opening the gift. The giver can see the joy on the recipient’s face and the recipient can properly thank the giver. 

Become a pro at long-distance gift-giving 

Show the special person in your life that you care about them by mastering long-distance gift-giving etiquette. Don’t be afraid to celebrate milestones, build excitement, and share the experience of opening the gift with them virtually. Show them you care through your actions of properly timing your gift and wrapping it before packing it up to mail. 

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