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What Are the 6 Key Ingredients For a Thoughtful Gift?

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You spend time coming up with a gift idea, finding that gift, and wrapping it. Hopefully, the recipient appreciates the gift and the effort. One way to ensure your friends and family love your gifts is to give thoughtful gifts. But what exactly does that entail? How can you ensure your gift will be a home run? 

1. Personalization

Giving a personalized gift shows that you put in more effort and thought. You didn’t just go to a store and buy the first thing you saw. Instead, you purchased an item and had it customized specifically for the recipient. Perhaps this means putting their name or initials on the gift. Or it could mean you had the gift made in their favorite colors. Going the extra step to personalize the gift shows you thought about what the recipient likes and used your knowledge to create a truly unique gift. 

2. Intent

There is a reason the saying “It’s the thought that counts” remains relevant throughout the years. Sometimes, it isn’t about the value or flashiness of the gift. Consider if the gift is truly something the recipient desires or needs. It is the thought and intent behind the gift that matters the most.

3. Timing 

Your gift-giving timing can mean the difference between a lackluster response and an overjoyed one. If your gift is highly personal or intimate, the recipient will appreciate you waiting until you are alone to give the gift. Other times, a gift may be best received when gift-giving in a group. The gift can inspire conversations of a beloved family member or shared memories of good times. 

4. Surprise with a thoughtful gift 

One way to surprise someone is by giving a gift when they don’t expect it. You don’t have to wait for a birthday or holiday to give a gift. Another way to surprise someone is by giving them a gift they would never expect. They may expect to get a gift, but they would never expect you to give a specific gift. This comes with really paying attention and finding something that’ll hit the mark.

5. Memorable

Thoughtful gifts strongly impact the recipient by touching them in a way that stirs their emotions. When people have an emotional reaction, it creates a strong memory for them. There are several ways you can make a gift memorable: 

  • Incorporate a shared memory 
  • Make it yourself 
  • Include a meaningful message 
  • Choose a rare or unique gift 
  • Make it interactive 
  • Gift an experience  

6. Useful or practical

Give a gift that will make someone’s life easier. If you see them struggling in some way, take note. When you give a useful or practical gift, you show the recipient that you care. By paying attention, you take an interest in those around you. This attention to detail shows that you are thoughtful beyond just when it’s time to give gifts. 

Give your loved ones thoughtful gifts  

When you give thoughtful gifts, you show your friends and family members that you care about them. By using what you know about the recipient, you can give gifts that mean more and will have a bigger impact. Register for an account with Giftster to make giving thoughtful gifts easier for you and your family.

Happy gifting!

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