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A Parent’s Guide To Attending a Kids’ Birthday Party

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a child getting an invitation to a birthday party. It’s a chance for them to let loose, make new friends, and indulge in all the sweet treats they can handle. But as a parent or guardian, attending a kiddie party can be a bit of a minefield.

So how do you ensure your child has a great time without stepping on anyone’s toes?

Luckily, the birthday party pros at Giftster are here to help you navigate the dos and don’ts of kids’ parties. From keeping your little one entertained to avoiding inter-parent drama, these rules are a must-read for anyone packing their child off to a friend’s birthday bash. So grab your gift, put on your party hat, and get ready to have a blast!

Check before tagging siblings along

We all understand the difficulty of finding childcare for a younger or older sibling when your kid is invited to a party. However, don’t be tempted to bring them along without checking with the host first. If the host has a strict limit on the number of guests, finding room for extras can be a real headache. The general rule is to check with the host parents before tagging along with other kids.

Don’t worry about food

Don’t stress and fuss about your child not getting enough of their diet. Overdosing on delicacies such as chocolate cookies, ice cream cupcakes, sausage rolls, and lemonade cake is part of the party experience. Definitely, there won’t be lasting damage if the kid foregoes one meal without eating enough of their veg ratios. However, if he or she has specific dietary requirements, including food allergies, take control of the situation rather than expecting the party’s parents to cater to them.

Remember to bring a gift

Unlike adult parties that put more premium on your physical presence, kids’ parties are all about gifts. The good news is there are many awesome gifts for the kid’s birthday celebration. Choose gifts that encourage family time, such as books, indoor and outdoor games, and activities. You can also opt for open-ended gifts that create opportunities for play and nurture creativity and imagination. Gifts like Lego bricks, Magna tiles, or arts and crafts supplies are some of the best picks. 

And if you’re really hoping to please the child’s parents too, opt for a clutter-free present.

Check the dress code

Check the dress code to avoid the embarrassment that comes with inappropriate attire. You definitely don’t want your kid to be the only one in street clothes at a superhero-themed dress-up party. If the invitation regarding the dress code is silent, check with the host a few days before the event.

Frequently asked questions about attending a kid’s birthday party

1. Does the parent need to stay with the child? 

As mentioned earlier, parents with kids requiring more individualized care and supervision are expected to stay with them throughout the party. Kids younger than five are more likely to experience separation anxiety hence the need to have the parent stay throughout the party.

2. What age is appropriate to leave your kids at parties?

Drop-off birthday parties are ideal once a kid turns six years old. However, kids are unique individuals who don’t mature at the exact pace. While some six-year-olds may be perfectly okay to be dropped off at the party, a more reserved 8-year-old may encounter anxieties. As a general rule, drop off the kid only if they are okay with the idea.

3. Should I bring a gift if it’s not specified on the invite?

One of the trickiest parts of kids’ birthday parties is when mom gets an invitation that doesn’t mention whether to bring a gift or not. It may be awkward to be the only one to show up with a gift and vice versa. If the invitation doesn’t specify the gift, seek clarification from the host ahead of the event. 

In a nutshell, kids’ birthday parties are undoubtedly fun, but they can also be tricky to navigate. If you are accompanying your kid to a friend’s birthday party, it is a good idea to master the key rules to avoid embarrassment. If you are not sure what to do, ask the host.

Party on!

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