Getting Started

What is Giftster?

Giftster is not another shopping site, there are plenty of those already. Giftster is a free, life time gift idea management system for your family and close friends.

Now with your whole family connected by the Internet, you can post each other’s gift wish lists - and an updated family events calendar - in one central place.

Giftster is that place.

Your family’s gift ideas and important dates go into Giftster – and out comes a better way to give and get gifts that matter most…without the usual anxiety that goes with it.

  1. Create and share gift wish lists with the groups you choose.
  2. Create a personal gift preference profile so others know sizes, colors, and your other favorites.
  3. Create public lists for instant viewing by anyone visiting giftster web or mobile
  4. Track the purchase status of gifts to avoid duplicates and the hassle of returns.
  5. Eliminate the back and forth of emailing lists.
  6. Spend your money wisely – give and get the gifts that matter most.
  7. Giftster is independent of any retailer and you can add gifts from any merchant – online or offline. We do provide convenient, optional, search features.

Designed for every member of the family — kids, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, mom, dad — everyone.

How giftster works

Creating your own wish list, to help others make good gift choices for you, is as simple as jotting down a list of ideas. You decide how completely to describe each gift idea. Unlike a traditional gift registry, you don’t have to shop for anything first. Just make a list. It’s that simple. It makes absolutely no difference who sells the gift or service. You can even just jot down preferences, like gardening or golf, and let the gift giver take it from there. Optionally use the Add-to-giftster button to add items to your lists "on the fly" while shopping online.

You can restrict view of your lists to people allowed into your own private group, or you can make public lists that anyone can view by visiting giftster. Traditional family gift idea sharing is best done with the shared privacy setting; baby showers, wedding gift lists, and needs lists like classroom wish lists are best done with a public privacy setting so anyone can view the lists.

How it works

Quick Start Guide

I want to start by creating my own wish list

  1. From the home page, click on the big Create my List graphic in the middle of the page, type in a title for your list and start jotting down wish list ideas.
  2. When finished, click the link to password protect this list and your now a member! You can email a link to your list by clicking on Email List. You can send this link to a friend, or even come back and update your list later with this link. You don’t even have to register to experience the Giftster wish list.
  3. If you decide you want others to view your list and be able to reserve items to avoid duplicate purchases, then register yourself and create a group from the my groups page, as described in the next example.

I want to create a Giftster group for my family to view each other’s lists and events

  1. From the home page, click on the big Create my List graphic in the middle of the page, type in a title for your own wish list and add a couple of items.
  2. To make your list the first one in your family group, click on Create an Account with your name and email address
  3. Click on the my groups icon
  4. Click on add a group on the left
  5. Enter a group name, such as the Smith Family and a Description, such as Wish lists and upcoming events for the Smith Family.
  6. Click on Save
  7. In the Invite more Members box, type in the first name, last name, and email address for other members of your family or individuals you wish to invite to join your group, one per row. These are the people who can then see your wish list, and you can see theirs, once they register themselves. Enter each person into this box like this: first name last name email address with just a space between each word and the system will do the rest once you press Save
  8. Click on Events icon, and start adding birthdays and holidays that you know are meaningful to your group. Other members can also contribute to this Events list.
  9. Check back to your my groups page, to see the status of those you have invited to your group.

I want to join an existing group

  1. If you received an email invitation, click on the link in the email. If not, click on Create my List, then click on Create my Account. Enter your name and email address.
  2. Find out the name giving to you group by the group creator. Once you log in, you should see that you are already part of that group. If not, click on Search Members and enter the name to find it. Ask to join.
  3. Add your wish list to the group. Click on the my lists icon. Click on new list, type in a list title, then click on add item to begin creating your own list that others in the group can view and reserve items on.
  4. Click on the my events icon to contribute important dates to the group event calendar.
  5. Click on browse and reserve gifts to view the lists added by others in the group. Click to select a group and name on the left.
  6. Click on individual items in the list to see item detail. Click the small icons to indicate that you wish to reserve or purchase this gift. The list owner cannot see the status of the list.

Giftster Features and Benefits

Are you the type that likes to know about all the features and benefits? Then this section is for you.

Group making with giftster

Define a group. Everyone who registers to that group can view and reserve items on each other’s wish lists in that group.

The group creator also gets the rights to administer the group, which means they get to decide who is approved to join the group, and who might just have to leave.

Visitors to giftster can discover your group and request membership by searching for a name or email address of a member of that group.

Group members also contribute to the group event calendar that all can see.

When using the giftster App on an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, or on Android from Google Play, invite people to join with one touch of your address book.

List making with giftster

Create a personal wish list complete with item, price, star ranking, store, a URL web link to the item page at a store, and a description for each item.

Choose who can view your list. Private - your eyes only. Shared - anyone in your groups. Public - anyone, including visitors to giftster who can find your list using member search.

The list owner cannot see the reserved or purchased status of items on their own lists.

Use this list privately as your own ongoing wish list. Or email the page link to others who can view your list. You don’t even have to register to use this part of the service.

A place for your personal gift preferences, and to check other's preferences

Every giftster member has a special page where they can choose to list sizes and gift preferences to help others make smart gift choices for them. This page is independent of any gift lists. You can list shirt sizes, favorite colors, your preferred cultural attractions, charities and even a list of things not to get you. If you were thinking "I'm not going to make a list of things I want" because that is not your style, then this is your chance to at least make a list of your preferences to help others decipher your good tastes.

Solving gift idea dilemmas with giftster

Once you create or are part of a group with one or more members, you can view and reserve gifts on each other's lists. When browsing other lists, you can see if someone else has already reserved an item on a list. You can click on an item to see all detail, you can click to add the same item to one of your own lists, and you can see how many of that item the person wants.

With one click or touch you mark an item reserved, and can convert that into purchased at any time. Once you mark something reserved, others shopping for that same person will see that item is already reserved by someone else. They have the option to reveal the name of the other person that reserved the item.

You may mark items reserved or purchased on several different lists and for different people in your group(s). giftster automatically collects all your reserved and purchased items in one place, called my shopping list. Press the “print my shopping list” and you get a summary list of each gift you reserved, no matter which list it was on.

To locate and purchase the gifts on someone's list, Giftster provides two quick useful features. The first is that Google has already reviewed that list and is displaying the most relevant offers it has for the items on the list to the right of the list on the screen. For example, if your mother is asking for bed sheets, Google will likely be able to automatically display a couple of different stores offering bedsheets, perhaps on sale. The second feature is a one-click slide out look up on Just click on the magnifying glass next to an item and instantly up to 5 suggested matches will slide out below that item on the screen available from Sometimes Amazon cannot find any matches, like if aunt Tilda wants a mink fur coat. These two features that help you find the items on the list are for your convenience - you don't have to use them but we think you'll find them surprisingly handy.

Working with giftster

Facebook Connect is an alternative way to sign into Giftster - and you get some cool benefits like the ability to auto post your wish list ideas to your Facebook account, and also one click access to inviting your Facebook fans to check out Giftster too.

The Giftster Blog contains gift giving tips and other recent write ups. Check it out in the News department.

Well enough reading already - time to get your family connected with giftster.

OK, I’ll Try It!