How to share a wish list online

Sharing an online wish list with family and close friends makes gift giving more fun and less stressful. Here's how...

Share a wish list online with Giftster works on any device.

First, find an online registry service to make your list that lets you add items from any store.

Decide who you want to share the list with

For broad audiences, like all your friends, set your list privacy to public and email them the link or post it on social media.

For more private audiences, like your family, create a group and invite your family members to join. They can see your list and you can see their lists.

Share your list with grace

Take a peek at our registry etiquette tips to help others see the benefits of using a wish list for gift giving. 

Maintain the surprise

Gift givers can mark items purchased on the lists to avoid duplicates, and with services like Giftster the list maker won’t know the status of each item keeping the surprise.

For details on exactly how you share a wishlist using, continue reading below.

Share wish lists with family & friends for birthdays and holidays


Start or join a Giftster group for family and close friend gift exchanges. “Checking Giftster" will become an ongoing part of each upcoming birthday and holiday like Christmas.

Shop for friends and family in a group to mark gifts reserved or purchased to avoid duplicates and returns. View their wish lists year-round.

Why start or join a group?

Sharing your list with others is one benefit, you help others select things you really need or want. Even better, when you can see their lists, you can do the same for them. A Giftster group facilitates this. You only have to set it up once. Then anyone in the group that logs in sees a list of the group members and their lists, and you see theirs. You get and give gifts that matter most, year after year.

Just select Groups to start a group, or use Member Search to find an existing group to join.

Leave your lists at the default shared privacy and only group members can view and reserve items on your list.

Share my personal wish list publicly with anyone


Set your list privacy and gift preferences to public. Now anyone can discover your list and preferences by using member search with your name or email address. Or you could share a link to the list on social media, email, or event invitation.

Set your wish list privacy to public to share it with anyone.

Visitors to your list can see all your details, pictures, and follow the links you provided to purchase the items. They can mark items reserved or purchased, and they don’t even need their own Giftster account to do so.

Share a list for a wedding, bridal, or baby shower registry


Make a list and gift preferences with privacy set to public.

Set your list privacy to public to share it with anyone.

Why use Giftster for my registry?

If you have started making a list and used fetch, you already know why. Making your list with Giftster is easy and fun.

You can add items from any store, online or offline. You don’t have to shop first, you can just add items using your own words, and let the guests make the specific selection if you wish.

Make your Giftster registry list your one central wish list for everything.

Make private lists of gift ideas only I can see


Just set your list privacy to private. Then collect ideas and make as many lists as you like. Nobody else can see what's on them, except you.

Set your list privacy to private to hide it from others.

Why use Giftster for making private lists?

Don’t want to use the power of Giftster to view each other’s lists, but just want your own private list maker? Private lists are great for keeping track of things you want to purchase for yourself or others.

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