Quick Start Guide

Learn the basics to get started with Giftster.

Create a wish list

Select the new list button, name your list and set the privacy to shared or public (if you’re planning on sharing it with others).

To add an item, click the add item button, fill in one or more of the fields you’d like to display and press save. Only the gift name is a required field. Fill out as little or as much as you like.

Select share at the top of your list to share a link to your list. You can send this link to a friend, or even come back and update your list later with this link. Anyone can mark items reserved or purchased when viewing your list without an account.

My List on Giftster
Virtual Gift Registry Group App
Who will you invite?

Start a group

Navigate to the My Groups page and click the start a group button on the left. Enter a group name (eg. Smith Family or something your family will recognize).

Invite others to your group by adding their full name and email address. They’ll then be able to see your lists, and you can see theirs, once they accept your invitation.

Click the save group & invite button to create your group.

How do I convince my family to join?

Join a group

To find an existing group use the Member Search box at the top of the page. Enter a first name, last name or email address of the person whose group you wish to join.

When you find a match, you have the opportunity to request to join their group. Click on request membership. If you are logged in, your request is sent to the group creator. If not, you’ll be prompted to log in or sign up.

Once the group creator approves your request you’ll receive notice that you’re in! You’ll instantly be able to view and reserve gifts on others lists, and they can see yours.

You're in!
Manage online wish lists for others
Manage wish lists for kids, pets or parents.

Manage wish lists for others

Below My Listslocate the My Child Accounts section.
Click the new account button to add a child account.

Enter their first and last name and their birthday.
Giftster will send a birthday reminder to you and your group members one month ahead of their birthday.

Select the create account button. Nice job! Your new child account will appear below your lists under My Child Accounts.

Next, add a list

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