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How to add item by email

So you’re on your phone, with time to kill, and you land on the perfect gift idea.  With a touch on your phone, you fire up an email including the web page link, and send to the giftster list email address you saved in your contacts.   Next time you open giftster, there it is, including price, description and an image.

Easy steps

So you want to be able to fire off an email to giftster when you see something you like, without having to visit or open giftster, and automatically add the item to your list? 

In a nutshell, just get your list’s unique giftster email address, save it in some convenient place for reference.   When you have a product web link you want added to giftster, just email the link to this address, no other information required.  Done.

  1. 1 Login at, visit my lists and select the list you want to use for add item by email.
  2. 2 This is a power user feature, so the hot spot to access this is not visible. Move your mouse to the lower right corner of your list, and click or tap to bring up your special list email address.
  3. 3 The add item by email message box displays your list's unique inbox email address, and example instructions.
  4. 4 For convenience, save this email address in your phone contacts, or on a note, or write it in pen on your palm…whatever works!
  5. 5 When you are on a website with something you want added to your list, fire up an email, include the web link and send to your giftster list email address. 

Tips for success

  • - Giftster attempts to fetch your web link you sent, if it isn’t a valid link the add item will not complete
  • - For security, giftster expects you to email the web link from the account with an email address that matches the email address you use to login at giftster.   For example, if you use a gmail account with giftster, but send giftster a web link using your Hotmail account, this is a mismatch and giftster will refuse to add the item.
  • - Giftster ignores the subject and remainder of the content of your email…all you need to send is the web link.

Try it out now.  Then you can brag to friends that you email gift ideas to your list – how impressive is that?

If you have further questions, feel free to drop us a note. Send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll respond promptly.