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giftster for Android® phones & tablets

Giftster App for Android phones in Google Play

You love your Android phone and you want a genuine Android Giftster app, and now you have a great one! Grab it from Google Play or Amazon App Store now. Optimized for your Android powered smartphone or tablet. Start and manage your Giftster group right from your Android phone - log in with the same email and password you use here on the website, including Facebook.

Just visit Google Play store. Giftster Android app on Google Play

You’re shopping at the mall, and you can’t recall the size and color blouse your sister wanted. You know the answer a few seconds and a few touches later with Giftster on your Android phone.

World's best wish list sharing app just got better! Version 5.4 released Spring of 2020

The most requested features of the website are now all living in your pocket! Fetch. Suggested Items. Child Accounts. Images. Group Permissions by list, public options to fine tune list visibility. In a fresh, beautiful new design.

Also designed to run on Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Acer and other smartphones and tablets. This means everybody in your family can use Giftster, no matter what computing device they use. On the computer. On an iPhone. On an iPad. Or your Android device. Giftster may be the only platform that runs on almost everything...because no family member wants to be left out because the family gift idea sharing system isn't available for their device!

Your friend shows you the cool case they found for their Samsung. You realize you’d love the same one, and you have a birthday coming up. While it’s fresh on your mind, in a few touches on your smartphone, you’ve added the idea to Giftster and everyone in your family will know it.

Mobile Giftster shares the beautiful design of, but in a mobile sort of way.

The mobile app automatically updates itself with all the list information from the web. In real time.

It just works.

In fact, the mobile app is so complete you can turn your family into a Giftster Family without ever leaving your phone.

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