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New for Fall 2023 Giftster iOS app
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Most-loved app features

Fetch wish list item details

Add any item in seconds

Add items fast right from Safari. Fetch auto-fills the details. Less typing.

Wish list sharing group

Share lists in a private group

Invite friends to share and shop each others lists or keep your lists private.

Avoid duplicate gift giving

Avoid duplicates & returns

See if items are available. Purchases remain hidden from the list maker.

Why download Giftster for the iPhone?​

Put an end to the guesswork

Imagine you’re in a store and can’t remember your brother’s shirt size or the name of the toy your niece has asked about for months. Get the answers in just seconds on your phone with the Giftster app.

Share specific gift ideas & preferences

Your friend shows you the cool case they found for their iPad and you want the same one. While it’s fresh on your mind you add the idea to Giftster. Everyone in your family will know exactly which one you’ll love.

The Giftster iOS app automatically syncs to in real-time so you can check Giftster from any device with the same account.
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Add items fast in Giftster or Safari

Add items from Safari

Tap share and select Giftster while in Safari to add the item to your list.

Fetch item details in any language

Find & Fetch

Try the all-new Find & Fetch feature to search the web for an item to add.

The Giftster iOS app is designed to work great for any iPhone or iPad including the iPhone 15, iPhone 14–iPhone 11, iPhone XS, X and the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and earlier models.

“My favorite feature is being able to add the direct link to each item. This makes it so easy to order gifts and you know you're sending the exact item that they want!”

– Serena S.

“I love Giftster and I appreciate how stress free it has made me during holidays and birthdays. Once you go Giftster , you’ll never go back!”

– Lauren U.

“It is my go to app for my family at Christmas and birthdays. We never get duplicates and everyone gets something they want.”

– Leslie B.

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