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Why download Giftster for the iPhone?

You’re in a store and can’t remember your brother’s shirt size or the name of the toy your niece has asked about for months. Get the answer in just seconds on your phone with the Giftster app.

Your friend shows you the cool case they found for their iPad and you want the same one. While it’s fresh on your mind, in a few touches, you’ve added the idea to Giftster and everyone in your family will know exactly which one you’ll love.

The mobile app automatically updates itself with all the list information from the web. In real-time.

Watch how it works below.

Giftster App Getting Started
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Most-loved app features

Use the website or the app to invite your friends and family, set up wish lists, and remove the guesswork and stress of giving the perfect gift.

With the Giftster app on your Apple iPhone or iPad, simply log in with the same username and password as your account, and your family and their wish lists and events will all be there.

If you first created your account from the app, you also have the same account and access to your lists at

We raised the bar on what a mobile wish list registry can do

Ver. 5.4 released Spring of 2020

New screen size support for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 12, and support for IOS through 14.x

There is no other mobile app with the perfect combination of family wish list sharing features in the world:

  • Fetch for mobile
  • Child accounts – Manage wish lists for kids, pets or parents on any device
  • Add and display images on my lists and shop for others
  • Full-screen iPad edition
  • Add hidden suggested items on other members’ lists

Announcing Giftster responsive version for iPad

Updated Spring of 2020

Now you have three flavors of Giftster that run on your iPad. The newest is a Safari browser version that uses the full-size screen on your iPad – visit We also recommend running on your iPad – now when adding items you can even use your iPad camera and take a picture for your item.

Finally, you can use the iOS App from the App Store which also can seamlessly access your address book for sending invites to join your groups.

Whichever flavor you prefer, you are connected to your family’s Giftster group on iPad.

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