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Giftster on the go

This website is the “mother ship” where you can do everything with lists, groups, events, settings child accounts, list permissions, Secret Santa, Suggested Items and shopping lists.

Other ways to use Giftster, with your same login...

The Giftster iOS App for iphone and iPad

Available on the iPhone App Store

The Giftster Android App from Google Play for mobile phones

         Get it on Google Play

New February 2020. Version 5.3 available for Android, iOS, and also edition for mobile web browsers

The small to medium size screen version of Giftster for any mobile device. Just point your browser to and Giftster will size itself to fit your screen.

What's new in 5.3?

  • Several updates to make things easier to use or work better, including item time stamps!
  • Please help us fix any issues you find, send your report to [email protected] We want Giftster to be the best.

    The Add-to-Giftster button for desktop and laptop browsers

    Add items to your lists while shopping online. Instructions here.

    Everything syncs instantly so the latest lists, preferences and gift status is available wherever you are.