Surprise your friends and family with your gift giving prowess.

Author: Aimee Hansen

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Father’s Day is almost here and it’s time to shop for those special guys in our lives we call Dad. How are you planning to spoil your pops this year?
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It’s the last weekend before Christmas! Are you relaxing, enjoying time with family, because you used Giftster and all your shopping is finished? Or are you braving the store lines, choosing overnight shipping, and hoping for the best?
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Learn the rules and tips for a successful Secret Santa gift exchange, including how to use an online Secret Santa generator, choosing participants, setting a budget, and more.
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Whether it's your first anniversary, your fifteenth, your fiftieth, or somewhere in between, these gift ideas are a great starting point for celebrating you and your sweetie.
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We often talk about personal wish lists for gifts as well as for special events like weddings and baby showers, but what about the items you need for your home or yourself that you don’t need to buy often?
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Need a little help gifting the special woman in your life something she'll really love? Check out some of these ideas to get unstuck this Mother's Day.
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While Giftster focuses on creating and sharing gift wish lists, it can really be used for sharing lists of any type for just about any need. And right now, there are many of us who are in greater need of a needed, essential items list more than a “it would be great to have” wish list.
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to find that little (or big) something for the special sweetie in your life. But where should you start? Here are a few ideas - some classic, some unique, all aimed to bring more smiles and smooches than grimaces and groans - that will help you check your Valentine's Day gift giving off your list.
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My mom bought my daughter a book and says to me, "I'm telling you so you don't buy it, too." That works for me but what about everyone else who shops for my daughter, especially my sister-in-law? How can I let all of them know not to buy it as well so she doesn't receive multiple copies? My solution: Suggested Items! But...with a twist.

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