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Holiday Gift Giving Tricks for College Students

I didn’t really understand the stereotype of a broke college student until I became one. I’ve quickly learned that being able to create lists within my family and friends to reserve and buy gifts is the perfect way to put my money for gifts to good use. Giftster is perfect for all the college students out there. It is a free service where I can create lists of gift ideas that my family and friends can see. They can reserve and purchase gifts without me knowing, and I can do the same for all of their lists.

Here are five tricks for college students to actively use Giftster and make your Christmas break truly restful during the holiday season.

1 – Secret Santa Option

If you are anything like me, you’ll probably have at least one or two Secret Santa gift exchanges with friends before Christmas break even starts. Considering most gift exchanges put a $5-10 limit, you usually can only expect a pair of fuzzy socks and some candy. Through the Secret Santa feature on Giftster, you can not only pick names, but also create your own list that your Secret Santa can see.  It all stays a secret! That’s right, it is possible to have a Secret Santa gift exchange where you get something you need. You can find the simple steps to set up a gift exchange here.


2 – Add the specific things you want

Around Christmastime, all college students realize that there are specific things we need in college that we don’t quite want to spend the money on. From batteries, a goldfish, a plant, a full-length mirror, to a certain hygiene product, there are many times during the semester that I say, “I wish I had (insert item here).” Each time I say that, I add it to my list. Giftster is your opportunity to let your Aunt Betty know the real things you want and avoid getting the socks she gives you each year.


3 – Add what you can and cannot have in your dorm

Your list is a great place to list what you want and need, but remember to include your dorm regulations. Most universities have some rules. I know that I can’t use extension cords or candles. I need a certain voltage for microwaves and fridges. In your lists, make a point to say what you can and cannot have in your dorm. Another great place to add this is in the “What not to get me” section of your gift preferences.


4 – Use it with your friends

Many times we think about gift giving in our family, but don’t forget that often your friends want to give gifts around the holidays, too. This year, I’m making a group for all my friends in college. Giftster is free and takes minutes to set up. Even if your friends don’t make an account, they can access your list by searching your name. You can see how to make your account public here.


5 – Avoid wasting money

It is no secret that this is a time of your life where you don’t have as much money to spend on gifts during the holiday season. Sometimes it seems that you have to spend a fortune to get anyone a good gift. However, many people in my groups have things for under $10 that they really want. Using Giftster, you can be sure that your money is being spent on gifts that matter to them. Why spend $20 dollars guessing on a gift for someone when you can buy them something they really want for $7? It’s an easy way to save money during your holiday gift giving, even on a college student budget.