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Golden Birthday Party

15 Golden Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you turning 28 on March 28? Congratulations! You’ll be celebrating your golden birthday. It’s when your age and the day of your birth match.

If you or someone you know has an approaching golden birthday, here are some ideas for an amazing and unforgettable celebration.

1. Decorate with numbers

Make the golden number a centerpiece of the party. Find number balloons, number candles, and number signs for the front lawn.

2. Incorporate the color gold

Collect and use gold-colored decorations, including streamers, tablecloths, balloons, plates, napkins, and glitter.

3. Coordinate a theme

Go beyond just numbers and the color gold with a theme that’s perfect for a golden birthday party. Try disco, stars, or glitzy glam.

4. Create a golden birthday party outfit

Design a custom T-shirt for the birthday guy. Dress your toddler in gold from head to toe. Or give that birthday lady a golden sash and take her out for some birthday party drinks.

5. Give jewelry as a present 

Wrap a piece of jewelry in a golden box or bag for an easy idea for a golden birthday party gift. Consider a belt buckle for a guy who doesn’t want jewelry.

6. Serve gold snacks

Fill the party table with goldfish, cheddar, gold-wrapped chocolates, pineapple, and piles of yellow candies.

7. Celebrate at sunset

Wait until the sky turns gold to blow out the birthday candles. It’s the perfect natural backdrop for a golden birthday party.

8. Add glitter to a signature drink

With edible glitter, you can turn a mixed drink into a golden birthday party-worthy treat. Try this Gold Shimmery Champagne Cocktail.

9. Start a countdown 

Build up the suspense until the big celebration with a countdown that starts a week or two before the birthday party. Kids will especially appreciate this one.

10. Wear a golden crown

Everyone will know it’s your golden birthday if you wear a crown for the celebration. It’s even more fun if you wear it for a destination party.

11. Hand out golden party favors

Let all of your guests leave with some gold. Fill bags with sparkly candles, decorated cookies, and other gold-colored treats.

12. Fill a space with balloons

Use dozens of gold balloons to completely fill a car, office, or bedroom. It’s a guaranteed way to surprise the birthday guy or gal.

13. Asks guests to dress glamorously

Since it is a golden birthday, glam it up by asking guests to dress their best for a fancy celebration.

14. Bake a golden birthday treat

For a beautiful centerpiece at a golden birthday party, bake a masterpiece and frost it in a shiny gold icing that everyone will love looking at and eating.

15. Spare no expense 

Consider using the occasion of a golden birthday to enjoy an expensive dinner or weekend away, or to indulge by buying an item you really want.

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Happy gifting!

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