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Party favors for kids birthday.

Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas to Include in Guest’s Goodie Bags

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If you’ve ever sent a child to a birthday party, you know that they almost always come home with birthday party guest bags. But when it comes time to host your own party, you may find that the options for party favors are pretty overwhelming.

Here are Giftster’s expert tips for fun and useful items to include in your child’s birthday party guest bags.

A thank you note

It’s never too early to teach your child the importance of gratitude. One item that should always be in a gift bag is a thank you note to show appreciation for the guests.

If your child is old enough, they can handwrite several short, simple notes. A child just learning letters can write their name on printed or store-bought thank you cards. For a baby or toddler, you can include a cute photo or handprint. 

Yummy, age-appropriate treats

Treats are easy party favors to hand out at a birthday party. These little gifts are likely to be even more appreciated by parents since edible snacks are clutter-free. Just make sure treats in birthday party guest bags are age appropriate. Another consideration is to try to accommodate guests with food allergies.

For younger children, consider fruit snacks, juice boxes, crackers or cookies, or Rice Krispies. Older kids might appreciate cookie mixes, giant candy bars, and bags of potato chips. 

Birthday party guest bags that double as party favors

A clever idea for party favors is to make the “bag” part of the gift. There are lots of nice favors that double as containers. 

Consider coffee mugs, oven mitts, baseball caps, water bottles, drawstring bags, pencil cases, flower pots, toddler cups, plastic buckets, makeup bags, and small tin boxes. Fill these with related items for useful, reusable birthday party guest bags.

Themed party favors

If you’re throwing a themed birthday party, you can create birthday party guest bags that match the theme. Or, you can just create themed party favors you know the guests will love. 

Here are some gift ideas

  • Sleepover: Place bath bombs, small nail polish, and individually wrapped face masks in a pair of slippers.
  • Outdoors: Collect flashlights, bug nets, and flower seeds in a reusable bucket.
  • Toddlers: Little kids and their parents love tiny board books, bubbles, and playdough. Avoid plastic bags or twist ties.
  • Pool party: Hand out small inflatables and sunglasses inside a reusable water bottle.
  • Winter: For a cold weather party, you can’t go wrong with hand warmers and hot chocolate in a pair of mittens.
  • Superheros: Send the guests home with their very own superhero costumes including masks, capes, and magic wands.
  • Dress-up: Create a princess party bag with tiaras, lipgloss, and matching bracelets.
  • Crafts: Let the guests be creative at home with crayons, chalk, and coloring books.
  • School: Fill plastic pencil cases with erasers, a small notebook, and fidget toys like squishies or spinners.

We hope these tips help you with your kids’ birthday party planning.

Happy gifting!

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