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Boss’s Birthday? 5 Hilarious Gifts That Won’t Send You to HR

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Is your boss’s birthday approaching? Is one of your coworkers about to celebrate another year around the sun?

Workplace gifts are generous gestures, especially if done appropriately. But that doesn’t mean they always have to be serious or generic.

The experts at Giftster have put together a list of 5 hilarious ideas that are perfect for a boss or coworker’s birthday gift.

1. A humorous coffee mug

With a quick search online, you can find several funny mugs for your boss. We like this one from Amazon that lets your boss know just how much you appreciate them in a clever way. Every morning, they can drink their coffee and humbly brag about how well they do their job.

For a complete gift, pair the mug with a bag of specialty coffee or tea as a treat.

2. A clever birthday card

You can get your boss almost any gift and pair it with this hilarious card from BEpaperie on Etsy. If your supervisor doesn’t laugh out loud, you’re sure to get an eye roll at the very least.

Pair the birthday card with a gift card or gift certificate to a restaurant, salon, or shop you know your boss loves.

3. A desk toy

Grown-ups love toys, too. Browse for a Bobble Head, Funko Pop, magnetic sculptures, a sand garden, or even desktop fidgets for a great selection of boss or coworker birthday gifts.

Check out these desktop punching bags from Amazon. This gift works as stress relief, and your boss or coworker will certainly laugh when they open their present.

4. Alcohol or favorite drink

Alcohol can be a good gift for your boss for several reasons. First, you can humorously acknowledge that a little booze makes dealing with the job or employees easier. It’s also a nice gift, especially if you splurge on specialty wine or liquor.

Just make sure that company policy allows alcohol on site before you bring it to work for your boss. And lastly, make sure they do drink before gifting alcohol. If you’re unsure, try a less controversial option like coffee or another favorite drink.

5. A blanket for cold offices

Does your workplace tend to always be a bit chilly? If cold offices are a common complaint or an inside joke, a cozy blanket for a boss or coworker’s birthday gift is both funny and thoughtful.

You can find blankets and throws in a variety of price points based on your gift-giving budget, so you give something that’s simple or luxurious.

Tips for boss and coworker birthday gifts

  • Check company policies: Make sure there isn’t a policy against giving your supervisor gifts or specifics about giving cash or alcohol.
  • Maintain professional boundaries: If you give a gift that is too expensive it may give the wrong impression. Consider giving gifts one-on-one so you’re not putting anyone on the spot.
  • Consider the recipient’s interests and personality: After working with your boss or coworkers for a while, you’ll get to know whether they’re serious or more laid back. A coworker without a sense of humor is unlikely to appreciate a funny gift.
  • Group gifts: While group gifts can be great for friends and family, asking co-workers to chip in for a group gift might put them on the spot. Check out these reasons why you may want to skip a group gift at work.

Happy gifting!

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