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Today we're shining a light on ten Minnesota makers selling unique products perfect for a birthday gift or other special occasion. Consider supporting these local artisans and surprise the person (or dog) in your life with a birthday gift that's sure to bring them joy.
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If you do choose to use a gift registry for a birthday or other important life event how can you do so appropriately without looking selfish or greedy?
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Even though plans may have to change – there are so many fun ways to celebrate a birthday at home. And for many of us parents with young children, it might be the most stress-free birthday party yet!
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While Giftster focuses on creating and sharing gift wish lists, it can really be used for sharing lists of any type for just about any need. And right now, there are many of us who are in greater need of a needed, essential items list more than a “it would be great to have” wish list.
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Gift ideas for the cook, gluten-free friend, or healthy eater in your life. Includes gift ideas for chefs, gardeners and those who still love a sweet treat every now and again.
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to find that little (or big) something for the special sweetie in your life. But where should you start? Here are a few ideas - some classic, some unique, all aimed to bring more smiles and smooches than grimaces and groans - that will help you check your Valentine's Day gift giving off your list.
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My mom bought my daughter a book and says to me, "I'm telling you so you don't buy it, too." That works for me but what about everyone else who shops for my daughter, especially my sister-in-law? How can I let all of them know not to buy it as well so she doesn't receive multiple copies? My solution: Suggested Items! But...with a twist.

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