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Giftster Members Share The Best Gifts They’ve Received Using Giftster

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At Giftster, we’re reminded constantly of the sheer joy and delight a great gift can bring someone. A thoughtful gift can make a big impact in someone’s day-to-day life. A needed item can make life easier and save a friend money. And best of all, giving a gift you know the recipient wants empowers you to give with confidence.

We asked Giftster members to share the best gifts they were given using Giftster. We received so many wonderful responses and truly enjoyed reading them. Below you’ll find a few of the hundreds of gifts members shared. We hope these ideas inspire you as you build your wish lists.

My favorite gift i have gotten using giftster was my dog Ollie! Both of my siblings and I as well as my Dad all put a Yorkie as our number one gift on our giftster page for 2 straight years, and our persistence ended up convincing our parents that we really wanted a dog. The Giftster app is such a great concept and works great! Here is a pic of Ollie 🙂

– Jasper V.
Ollie the Yorkie

The best gift I received using Giftster was the Drunk Elephant Moisturizer. When you read that, it might sound boring to you. But when someone gets you something that you use every day (and it’s not the cheapest either) really not only means a lot but just in it’s simplest form, helps you out.

– Shaelyn F.

I am not sure I can choose just 1 as the best! If I have to choose I would have to say them all because I choose them!  

– Jennifer B.

A cooking class where I learned how to use herbs and spices properly. It changed how I cook AND when I told my relatives about it, they changed their cooking as well, no longer sticking to exactly the measurements in a recipe but adjusting to add more flavor. And even better, I was able to use my gift to create some wonderful meals for the people who gave me the gift so everyone benefitted. The best gift for the receiver is one that you remember, that fits your personality in the moment, and shows that the giver knows you and cares about you. The best gift for the giver is one that you can tell is appreciated in the moment and comes up again and again.

– Laura C.

The best tangible gift I received using Giftster is my spice rack. I love to cook and use it almost every day! The best non-tangible gift I have received is watching my family (and myself) opening gifts we really want and need. Giftster makes this so much easier. It is the perfect way for a family like mine to stay updated on everyone’s current likes! Thank you for this.

-RaeAnn S.

Travel backpack with packing cubes that I can use on all of my upcoming travel adventures!

– Lexa W.

I was able to get some pretty great vinyl records from family. They always have a tough time remembering what I am looking for and what I already have in my collection so using Giftster was a perfect way to help them know what I was wanting.

– KC K.

The best gift I received using Giftster was a moka pot. My passion for making and serving good coffee has grown and receiving the moka pot has allowed me to step up my coffee game. The amazing part is that my family who lives in a different country was able to buy this off my list because of Giftster!

– Katie M.

My I love you almost as much as tacos shirt! Because no one knew that I was a deadpool fan until then and they didn’t know that I loved tacos so much! I was able to express myself and I felt awesome because I felt accepted by that team member who got it for me!  

– Alice F.

The aero garden herb grower because I am able to grow all my own fresh herbs from home for fresh healthy cooking for family and friends! 

– Sabrina A.

A life size human skeleton to help me study in PT school! Also doubles as cool decor haha!

– Savannah S.

An entry way shoe rack. I had recently moved into a new home and for Christmas, I added an entry way shoe rack to help make my home feel more like “my” home. I had just recently gotten out of an abusive relationship and had to move all my belongings. This new home represented a fresh start for me. My mother had also recently gotten remarried and introduced my step-sister to the family. My step-sister happened to be my Secret Santa for Christmas, so getting this gift to call this place “my” home from my new sister was just everything I needed in that moment. 

– Deborah S.

My favorite gift was a simple pillow. It was a much needed and highly desired gift that my family felt confident purchasing thanks to Giftster!

– Dayna F.

LL Bean shirts. Beautiful plaid colors, fine workmanship, comfortable, and durable. A staple in my everyday life.

– Gerald R.

Giftster has allowed me to share what gifts I’ve wanted with many family members. The best gift I did receive though was plane tickets to see my family member in California.

– Kaylani T.

A Squatty Potty. It is a life changing experience to have a Squatty Potty in your bathroom.

– Reilly Williams

A wall hanger for my fiesta ware cups and saucers – it gave my son the ability to feel confident in his gift that he gave to me.

– Mary M.

The best gift my daughter has ever received is her ball pit! Seeing how happy she is to climb in and play just melts my heart. She just turned one and can tell the difference between the different colored balls. It’s a great gift for learning and fun!

– Samantha J.

An unexpected gift from my former team that I lead which were unpurchased items from my wishlist (silk scrunchies and a face mask).

– Chamari D.

I participate in a Random Act of Kindness group on Facebook and we share a Giftster list so that we can surprise strangers with gifts. Last month I received an unexpected package of indie nail polishes made by a seller on Etsy. They are so fun and sparkly and it makes my day whenever I wear them!

– Kate J.

The humidifier and the backpack that I received for Christmas were the two best gifts. My family was able to pick out the stuff that I exactly wanted and they found the links feature very helpful. I use the humidifier everyday and it helps me sleep better. The backpack is so well designed, it makes carrying my laptop for my business trips very convenient.

– Namita C.

I love crafting, but my brother refuses to buy giftcards for me to pick my stuff out. With Giftster he was able to know exactly what items I wanted from the craft store 🙂

– Courtney L.

A Nat King Cole vinyl album – it takes me back many years and makes me feel like a kid experiencing the magic of Christmas with my mom, dad, brother, and grandma.

– Jesse K.

Fleece lined crocs – for obvious reasons – best gift ever.

– Evelyn B.

A new book bag and lunch box. I’m a substitute teacher and needed something to keep all my stuff together and my lunch box was pretty embarrassing.  I had a second grader tell me to “ just keep saving up and I would be able to buy one”. Very precious advice. My secret Santa bought it for me when he saw it posted. I love it!

– Shawn J.

A pony! I put “a pony” on my Christmas list as a joke and my husband got my a “My Little Pony” which technically fulfilled my gift wish😁 That is the kind of inside joke that makes me laugh, which is one way my husband really shows that he loves me.

–  Laura P.

A sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to share their favorite gifts with us.

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Happy gifting!

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