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How To Make Easter Magical for the Little Ones

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Easter can be a truly magical time for kids, and not just because of the candy and presents (although we’ll get to the gift ideas for Easter). Whether you’re religious or focus more on the bunnies and colorful eggs, the holiday is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family.

Here are a few Easter gift ideas, unique suggestions for Easter activities, and some fun ways to incorporate the Easter bunny. After all, sometimes the best gift is a little magic.

Gift ideas for Easter

Whether you put your Easter gifts in eggs or a basket, here are some gift ideas for Easter you can use this year.

Chocolate and candy

One of the most popular gift ideas for Easter is candy and chocolate. After all, it’s a tradition in many households for the Easter bunny to leave behind yummy treats in baskets or Easter eggs for the kids to enjoy.

To make these treats extra magical this Easter, try making some of your own. 

Bunny Pretzels from the Kitchen Fun Blog
  • Easter pretzels: Buy large pretzels, dip them in melted chocolate, and top them with pastel-colored candies or sprinkles
  • Easter M&M cookies: Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and add some M&Ms in Easter colors
  • Peeps Rice Krispie Treats: Instead of marshmallows, use Peeps to make these Easter-themed Rice Krispie Treats


During Easter, you can often find beautiful, brightly colored jewelry in stores. From cute bracelets with bunnies to elegant necklaces with gems and crosses, you’re sure to find a piece of jewelry that will make Easter a special time for your child.

While jewelry is a more popular gift for girls, don’t dismiss it entirely for a boy. Watches, leather or fabric bracelets, and trendy chain necklaces are all good choices.

Crafts, toys, and fidgets

Children love being creative, so arts and crafts supplies are fantastic gift ideas for Easter. They are also usually inexpensive and can quickly help fill up an Easter basket. You can even cater them to your kid’s age.

The same is true of toys and fidgets. Add a stuffed animal, a new toy or some sensory fidgets to your child’s Easter basket for fun treats they can enjoy.

New clothes

New clothes are always practical, especially with kids who grow so quickly. If you go to church on Easter Sunday, consider a beautiful dress or a nice, child-friendly shirt and vest as one of your gift ideas for Easter.

Since Easter typically occurs around the beginning of spring, take the opportunity to gift some new spring outfits or prepare for the summer with swimsuits.

Easter activities to try

In addition to gift ideas for Easter, you can make Easter magical with activities for your kids to complete leading up to the holiday or during the celebration. Here are a few ideas. 

Decorate with Easter eggs

Traditionally, the Easter bunny “lays” eggs for children to find in the morning. But Easter eggs are also fun for home decor. 

You can give your kids free reign to place them around your house to add a festive touch leading up to the holiday. You can also hang them from trees outside to make an Easter tree. 

Color Easter eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a fun holiday activity for many families during the Easter season. You can find dye kits at most stores, or you can use a homemade recipe that requires just vinegar and food coloring. 

Many stores also sell white, plastic eggs around Easter time. Instead of dyeing real eggs, these plastic versions allow your kids to decorate them however they want. They can use stickers, paint, or markers and let their imaginations create Easter magic.

To try something new, check out traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs called pysanky. The decoration uses a wax-resist method and takes some time, so it’s best for older kids or young ones with adult help. You can search for kits online, and the results are beautiful.

Plan an Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt

Easter egg hunts and scavenger hunts are fun activities that kids will enjoy. Fill Easter eggs with candies or non-edible treats like small squishies and stickers and hide them around your house. On Easter morning, your kids can open them and enjoy their finds.

A scavenger hunt is another Easter activity to try. Create Easter baskets for your kids and hide them somewhere around your house. Write clues your kids need to solve as they go from one location to the next until they finally find where the “Easter bunny” hid their baskets and gifts.

Keep the Easter bunny magic alive

As children get older, they stop believing in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy. Keep the magic alive for as long as you can with these tips and tricks for the Easter bunny.

Leave out a bunny treat on Easter eve

The night before Easter, have your kids create a little tray of snacks and a drink the Easter bunny can enjoy when he stops at your house. After all, it works for Santa! Try cut veggies like carrots, celery, and cucumbers and a glass of apple juice for a bunny-approved treat.

Make Easter bunny “tracks”

Easter Bunny Footprint Printables for inside & out from Views From a Stepstool

Before your kids go to bed, have them pour a little bit of flour, powdered sugar, or baby powder on the floor in front of the door to your house. Later that night, use your fingers to make little bunny prints in the powder. 

Want less of a mess? Try drawing some sidewalk chalk footprints outside to leave some evidence of a bunny visit.

Place bunny “fur” around the house

Bunny fur is soft like cotton. Pull apart some cotton balls and leave the pieces strategically around the house. You can even create a trail like “clues” that lead to the Easter eggs or Easter baskets.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Easter, you can create magic this year by giving your kids the gift of fun.

Happy Easter!

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