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How to wrap a present

How To Wrap Gifts Like a Pro

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As you finish up shopping, it’s time to think about all the gift presentation and that might mean some gift wrapping. It might be intimidating, looking at your haul and wondering how to wrap those brilliant gifts.

At Giftster, we’re usually giving out tips on how to use an online wish list maker to gift like a pro. But now that you have something for everyone on your list, we want to help you wrap like a pro too.

Try these creative gift wrapping hacks from the best Instagram influencers and amaze everyone on your list this year. As it turns out, you don’t have to BE a pro to wrap like one.

Pro gift wrappers don’t need a box

Don’t be afraid to wrap oddly shaped presents with wrapping paper. And gift wrapping unboxed goodies doesn’t have to be hard. With a little creativity, you can gift wrap almost any item.

Triangle shaped gifts

Watch @beeandblooms show you how to pull off an amazing gift wrap for a ukulele. This trick also works on pans, tennis rackets, and other similarly-shaped items.

Cost-effective gift bag

When gifts come in a tricky shape, you can make your own gift bag instead of buying one. Try this gift wrap hack from @anaemel to get the perfect size for any present, every time.

Candy-like gift wrap

Who doesn’t like candy for Christmas? With this gift wrap hack from @aureliasbasket, you can learn how to wrap and create a custom-sized, enveloped present that looks like a piece of candy. 

It’s all about the bow

Nothing says “holiday chic and festive” quite like an elaborate bow. Plus, you can impress your friends, coworkers, and loved ones with an amazing ribbon creation.

Intricate bow

Fancy bows seem complicated, but in this video courtesy of @beeandblooms, you’ll see that almost anyone can make a large, elaborate bow to decorate any gift. 

The perfect ribbon

Do you want to know how to perfectly tie a ribbon, every time? You’ll want to check out this video from @mae_festeira for a simple but effective bow you can customize with a ribbon of your choice.

Paper bow hack

Try making a bow out of paper with this creative hack from @instafashionwomenss. You could even personalize the paper with your own artwork before turning it into a creative holiday bow.

Gifts can be works of art

Usually, the present is inside the gift wrapping paper. But when you wrap gifts like a pro, the gift itself can be a masterpiece with beautiful folds, accessories, and patterns.

Gift wrap pleating

With a few extra folds, you can transform a traditionally wrapped present into a creative, festive gift. Watch @janemeans show you how to use Japanese pleating techniques, with a tasteful ribbon and gift label, to gift wrap like a pro.

Pocket gift wrap

A wrapped present with a pocket? Yes, please. Let @fionaariva show you how to add this little surprise to a gift, which becomes the perfect place for a label, gift card, or festive accessory. It’s an elevated trick to wrap gifts with flair.

Fabric wrap

If you’re running low on wrapping paper or want to try something new, @beeandblooms shows you how to wrap a gift with fabric. Try holiday patterns and colors for a beautiful and festive present.

No matter which techniques you try, we hope you enjoy gift wrapping a little more this year. Keep these gift-wrapping ideas and tips on how to wrap like a pro handy for inspiration. And make every gift presentation just as impressive and thoughtful as the gift itself.

Happy gifting!

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