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How to set up the perfect wedding registry

Why use giftster for your wedding or baby registry

Giftster gives you more control over your list of gift ideas - you create the list and decide what to put on the list. You don't have to shop anywhere first, just start adding ideas to your list. Then, if you do have specific items, like specific glassware you want, include a link to the store's website page for that item online. And it's free! Plus, your guests will love the a way a public giftster list works - simple and fun.

How do I set it up?

Sign up for giftster, then go to my lists and start creating your wish list for your upcoming wedding. Here's the key: for the list privacy setting, select public. This makes your list findable by anyone that visits giftster. Further, you have options to make your list visible in Google search, or on giftster member search, or both. Or you can choose not to be in search at all. Then only the guests you provide with your shared list link will find or shop your list. They can see what is still available on your list, and if they want to reserve a particular item, they can mark it reserved or purchased, without their own giftster account. You won't see the status of items in your own account, to keep it a surprise.

Want to give your guests a mailing address for sending a gift? It will be displayed along with your list once your guest makes a gift selection. To enable this, visit gift preferences on my lists, change privacy status to public, and add the address information you want displayed. To preview how this looks to your guests, while logged into, use member search to find your own list and view it.

What do I tell my guests about my list?

Tell them your wedding registry is available at on the Internet...they can access the list from their computers or from their smartphone or laptops. They can select Member Search and look up your name or your email address to locate the list. They can view the list details immediately for ideas. You can also include the unique list web link on your invitations or on Facebook. They may also be able to Google your name and list name to find your list, if you enabled Google search.

To mark an item reserved, they just select the reserve or purchase icon for that item. Giftster even sends them one email with a convenient link back to your list in case they decide to change their purchase later. No giftster account is needed to shop your list. They can also print out the entire list if they wish, or click to follow a link to a specific page if you provided one for a particular gift item.

Want to see a 20 second demo & learn more about Giftster for your wedding registry? Visit the wedding registry page.

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