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Just 8 days till Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14th.  If you’re looking for something to give that special someone in your life, take a look at their Giftster list.  And if you’d like that someone special to give you something…well…special, then take a minute to make sure your wish list is current.

A great gift to give for this occasion is one of a person’s favorite things.  Normally, people don’t spend the kind of money they would for a holiday or birthday, but they do want to have their Valentine’s gift be sentimental and thoughtful.  Giving a favorite thing – be it chocolate, coffee, tea, a gift card to a favorite place, a book, even a song download – can be a great surprise for Valentine’s Day.

Now with that said, you have to have some of these things put on your list in order to receive them.

On my list, I have a few different things segmented out: favorite things, gift cards, and charities.  On my favorite things list, I have things I use every day an enjoy such as tea and socks.  On the gift card list, I have places I visit regularly like Starbucks, Amazon, and a couple yarn stores.  On my charity list, I have listed some of my favorite charities where a donation on my behalf would be equally wonderful.

Take some time today to update your list with some of your favorite things so the special people in your life can give you something great for Valentine’s Day.

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