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Adding Experiences and Adventures to your Christmas Wish List

Note:  Sometimes we find a company or service that seems like such a good fit for our Giftster members that we can’t help but share it.  Check out our latest post from guest blogger Kristen Matthews and take a look at what Cloud 9 has to offer.

As you put together your Christmas list on Giftster this holiday season, you might want to scribble in some “experience gifts” at the top.

Experience gifts allow you to go do something. They are gifts of adventure, relaxation, outdoors time, or together time that will create memories instead of collecting dust like material gifts often do.

Need a little experience gift inspiration? Check out Cloud Livings’s website.  Cloud 9 is an experience gifts company who specializes in top notch experience gifts that help people cross items off of their bucket lists and create everlasting memories. Cloud 9 offers experiences for any adventure level and personality type. From the adventurer to the outdoors person to the food scene lover, there is a little something for everyone.

Explore the website and have fun picking out your favorite experiences to paste on to your Christmas list on Giftster. To help you get started here are some of the most popular gifts that Cloud 9 offers.

Champagne toast hot air balloon ride Float through the crisp air in a colorful balloon and enjoy some Champagne after the ride.

Be a fighter pilot for a day Learn to fly a fighter plane from an experienced fighter pilot

Drive a stock car Get your adrenaline flowing while driving an actual stock car.

City food, wine and beer tours Let a professional take you around your city where you’ll get to taste fantastic food and wine. Or check out your city’s best breweries with a beer connoisseur to guide you!

Whitewater rafting Charge through rapids safe in your raft with a tour guide.

Not only do experience gifts create memories, but according to recent studies, gifts that create experiences enhance a person’s general happiness. An article from the NY Times states that materialism is bad for your emotional well being. Research shows that while the media tries to convince us that material goods would provide us with happiness, the happiness from material possessions is temporary and can cause more stress in the long run. A  Cornell study shows that happiness grows with the purchase of an experience and declines with the purchase of a material good.

Correlate your Giftster list with your friends and family because one of the best things about experience gifts is that they are an excellent way for you to spend some time with a family member, friend or significant other. Plus, there will be dozens of photo ops to create memories to be talked about at the Christmas celebrations to come or to be used on next year’s Christmas card.

Add your favorite experiences to your Christmas wish list on Giftster this year and let your family and loved ones gift you memories.

–  Kristen Matthews, Guest Blogger

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