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Child Wish List Updates

5 Must-Do Updates for Child Wish Lists

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If your kids are anything like mine, they have no trouble letting you know what items they’d like on their wish list. And if your family is anything like mine, even with your kids’ wish lists, they will still ask for specifics like sizes, things your kids are and aren’t allowed to have, and more. Here are the 5 things I’m doing today to make sure that all their wish lists are shopping-ready for the rest of the family.

1. Clothing Sizes

Having two boys in the tween and teenage years, their sizes seem to change overnight. Double check their gift preferences to make sure that the most current sizes for clothing is listed.


2. What NOT to give your child

This is the part of the gift preferences that I think can be the most important for people shopping for your child. If you have any restrictions on gift items, list it in the what not to get me section of the gift preferences. For our family, it’s violent video games (we have a hard rule on that one). Another important note to make is if your child has any allergies. If you have family members who often gift things like food or beauty products (like lotions and perfumes), this is a very valuable piece of information.


3. And speaking of restrictions, double check their wish lists for them

Like I said above, I have a tween and teen in the house, and they’re both able to make their own wish lists on Giftster. With that said, they both try to slip one past mom and dad by adding that one item that we’ve continuously said no to. I approach this in two different ways. The first thing I do is have that important conversation with them about why the item shouldn’t be on their list, and I ask them to remove it. Sometimes, they do; sometimes, they don’t. If they don’t, I pull up their list through shop for others and mark the item reserved. I find this to be much more effective than going onto their list (if they have a child account) and removing it because the item could always end up listed again. And I’m sorry, but there are only so many emoji pillows one child needs (true story).


4. Add any things they already have to their I Got This list

My older kids are much better at taking items off their lists that they’ve already received, but I have to remember to do this for my toddler. Now’s the time to take a minute and clean up those already received items and move them over to the I Got This list.


5. Add things that you know they’d like that they didn’t list

I’m horribly guilty of saying “oh! I should add this item to my wish list,” and then not adding it. My kids sometimes do the same. Take a look at their lists through the shop for others view, and if you see something that they should have added, add it through the suggested items at the bottom of the list. I like to do it this way so the shoppers in my family can see what I’ve added to their lists and what the children have listed themselves.


A little thought with their wish lists today can save you a bunch of time later! Log into Giftster today to check out the wish lists for your kids and get a jump on the holiday gift giving season.

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