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6 Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas

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If you’re heading to a white elephant gift exchange this holiday season, it might be difficult to find the perfect “not” present that will be the hit of the party.

Here’s a helpful guide to gifts that are hilarious and, just maybe, useful. 

1. Colorful, Themed Socks

You can find almost anything printed on socks: dinosaurs, coffee cups, video game characters, and even celebrity faces. If you’re participating in a white elephant gift exchange with open-minded adults, you can probably even find “not safe for work” images. 

But ultimately, any themed socks are a humorous and even useful gift for wearing with long pants or while lounging around the house. 

2. Giant Candy Bar

Bigger is better, right? This is absolutely true when it comes to sweets and hilarious white elephant gifts. 

With a trip to a novelty candy store, or a bit of online browsing, you’ll discover sweet treats in ridiculously large sizes, like a five pound chocolate bar. Or, you can buy yummy candies in bulk.

The size makes this gift pretty funny, and who doesn’t want a lot of delicious candy?

3. Novelty Food

There are foods for every discerning palate. And then there are foods that are just… unique. Tickle some taste buds with a tin full of pickle-flavored popcorn. Or everyone’s favorite, a holiday fruit cake. 

By the end of the white elephant gift exchange, you might even realize one of your friends or relatives really loves bacon flavored candy canes (and, yes, those do exist). 

4. Infomercial Products 

Head to your favorite neighborhood box store, and pick out an infomercial product or two, for some truly “useful” and hilarious white elephant gifts. 

These aren’t always cheap (that’s why companies offer easy payments of $19.99), so make sure to stick to the gift exchange budget. 

Otherwise, a creative infomercial product is sure to lead to lots of laughs. And just maybe, it will be an item the recipient can actually use. 

5. Elaborately Wrapped Gift Cards 

Like most good jokes, this funny white elephant gift is all about the delivery. 

Get creative with the wrapping of a gift card or group of gift cards. It’s an easy way to stay on budget and get some giggles out of the crowd. 

Think wrapped boxes inside wrapped boxes, glitter, reused holiday gift bags, and lots and lots of tape. It’s the gift that keeps giving as they make a mess and finally reach the tiny gift card. 

6. Questionable Artwork

Singing fish? Leg lamp? Framed printout of Michelangelo’s famous and nude Renaissance sculpture, The David? Check, check, and check. 

It’s always hilarious when someone opens an absurd decoration or piece of art that they’re supposed to display publicly in their home. If you’re really going for laughs, and the center of attention, why not give a beautiful canvas print of yourself?

You can’t go wrong with any of these hilarious and creative white elephant gifts that (almost) everyone will want. 

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