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Kids Pool Party

8 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Pool Party

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Longer days. Beautiful sunshine. Warm weather. If your kid is lucky enough to have a birthday during the warm months of the year, it’s the perfect opportunity for a pool birthday party for kids. They can splash, relax, and enjoy a great birthday celebration.

If you’ve never hosted a pool party before, the Giftster experts have the 10 tips you need for planning a great pool birthday party.

1. Adults on observation duty 

No one wants bumps or bruises during a birthday party. Make sure there is always an adult or two near the pool to keep an eye on the party guests, especially if they’re young. It also never hurts to have a few pool rules, like no running, diving, or horseplay. 

2. Extra sunscreen for everyone

Even if your guests arrive slathered in sunblock, there’s a good chance they’ll need to reapply at least once if the party is long or they’re constantly getting in and out of the pool. Keep a big supply near the party area. Adults might need it, too. 

3. Pool-themed decorations

Mermaids, pirates, beaches, and watermelons are fun birthday party themes for the hot days of summer. Look for matching pool floats, streamers, and summer game accessories for a fantastic party experience. You could also stock up on themed sunglasses, towels, and pool toys.

4. Enjoyable non-pool options

Almost everyone loves a birthday party, but not everyone loves swimming or getting wet. Have a few non-pool options like a sprinkler or water balloons. It’s nice to have non-water options, too, like lawn sports or chairs for lounging. 

5. Shady spots for cooling off

If you’re okay with dripping wet kids or teens in your house, by all means, let them inside to cool off. Otherwise, set up some umbrellas or use trees as natural shade for tables and chairs. Guests will appreciate a break from the sun.

6. Yummy snacks and water 

Playing in the swimming pool and lounging in the sun can make your guests thirsty. Provide plenty of cool, refreshing drinks and snacks, like electrolyte drinks, fresh fruit, and frozen treats. If the party is long or during mealtime, a BBQ is the perfect complement to a pool party and will keep guests full and happy.

7. Pool party accessories and games

It’s not a kid’s birthday party without fun and games. Fill your pool with inflatables, noodles, and toys to keep everyone entertained in the water. If you have room, you can put up a net for water volleyball or hang a basketball net near the pool for a friendly pool party competition.

8. Birthday party traditions

Don’t focus so much on the pool that you forget it’s a birthday party. Set aside a time and place so the guests can dry off and enjoy cake and presents. If the guests ask for gift ideas, have your birthday boy or girl create a birthday wishlist on, so there’s no guessing needed.

Happy splashing!

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