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7 Black Friday Deals Consumers Are Looking for This Year

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The retail industry has seen some changes in recent years, including Black Friday traditions such as waiting in long lines outside large retailers are being replaced with online shopping from home.

This year, many of the Black Friday deals consumers are looking for are driven by the trends in how shopping has changed.

Keep your eye out for these types of deals this year:

1. Local products

Many consumers want to buy local, and will look for Black Friday deals from small businesses in their area. This trend stems from wanting to support smaller companies and individuals over name brands and mega retailers. 

Plus, since local products aren’t mass-produced, they feel more personalized and special. 

2. Buy now, pay later

When it comes to spending, consumers are conscious of their budgets around the holidays. So a particularly appealing Black Friday deal would be one that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later. 

Several apps and websites promote these sorts of delayed payments, so retailers who partner with them and advertise their flexibility will attract savvy shoppers. 

3. Sustainable goods

The holidays are the season of giving, and consumers carry this mindset with them even while they’re hunting for the best discounts. 

While sustainable goods may still cost more than their less environmentally-friendly counterparts, shoppers will be drawn to any Black Friday deals on products that help them feel like they’re giving back. 

4. Budget-friendly shipping and easy returns

Anyone looking for an excellent Black Friday deal knows that it isn’t just about the product; store policies like returns matter, too. And for online shoppers, shipping costs can be a deal-breaker. 

Expect consumers to look for generous return policies for purchased products and low shipping costs so they can experience easy and budget-friendly shopping. 

5. Marathon discounts 

This year, Black Friday is November 26. But many retailers start offering discounts in the days and weeks leading up to the biggest shopping date of the year. 

Particularly this year, when staffing shortages and supply chain issues are affecting the shopping experience, consumers expect Black Friday deals that will last for more than just a couple of hours Friday morning. These marathon deals let consumers shop earlier for peace of mind. 

6. Safe shopping options

Safety is still on the minds of a lot of shoppers. Not everyone feels comfortable in large crowds, especially those typically drawn to Black Friday deals. 

Usually, to get the best discounts, shoppers had to be in stores at certain times (like the wee hours of the morning). But this year, consumers want deals to extend to other buying options, such as online or curbside pickup. 

Using an online wish list service with your family (like Giftster) can make it really easy to prepare in advance for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from the comfort of home. Giftster has a built-in shopping list feature that displays every gift you marked reserved or purchased for your family. This makes it so easy to check prices on items you plan to buy in one fell swoop.

And who doesn’t like a few extra hours of sleep along with a great deal or two?

7. Big-ticket electronics and toys 

While some 2021 Black Friday deals reflect changes to shopping trends, other things seem to never change. Consumers are still looking for amazing discounts on toys and big-ticket electronics, like TVs, smart home devices, video game consoles, and kitchen appliances. And like in previous years, Black Friday is still the best time of year to go hunting for these types of deals.

Happy gifting!

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